Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, I'm confused. Who are The Verses and why does it say on their website that they will be joining Fleetwood Mac as their special guests in Australia on tour. Is it possible that this is old news and never was solidified


Joanna said...

That's quite weird and it doesn't say on the tickets anything about a support act...And their not playing at the 2nd sydney show...

Anonymous said...

Yes we are. I'm Ella, (singer in the Verses) and we just opened for them last night.. It was an amazing honour and fantastic experience!
and we are playing the Sydney show too.

anne_janev@hotmail.com said...

Hi there Ella.My daughter and I saw u from afar at the arena last night and have now seen u were originally killing Heidi.You guys were great.We wish u all the best with your mature sound in music.What a brilliant opportunity for u to play with Fleetwood Mac.Good things come to those who wait.I would love to know how u even got the opportunity .So much luck to each of u being sent and we hope to hear about all of your future work.XXXXX

Anonymous said...

"I would love to know how u even got the opportunity." They have the same recording label warner brothers.

Anonymous said...

Try Warner Music (brothers?!) and you may then be right.

The Verses got the gig though because they're a breath of fresh air on the Aus music scene.

I saw them at the Toff in Melbourne during their residency and they kicked arse with invited supports like Dan Sultan (a best mate) and the Graveyard Train amongst others.

Any band with Ella out front is worth the entrance regardless.

The Warners connection didn't count in the end.

Go and see them before shooting off an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Great choice! The Verses supporting Fleetwood Mac- Brilliant! I wish I had gone :(
Ella Hooper has an amazing voice.

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