Friday, November 06, 2009


NOVEMBER 6, 2009
Photos by: nosoundeffects

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We were there on that night friday 6th Nov at Wembley. We travelled a long way to get there but this was well worth it.A truly amazing jaw dropping performance from all of the mac. It felt even more special knowing that Christine was in the audience. Lyndsey really showed off his amazing energy and electrifying skill on all his guitar genres and well deserved those standing ovations after his solo on I'm So Afraid and Oh Well. Mick was so great , funny and a legend on the drums. He really owned the stage during his solo on World Turning.Mick and John knitted together with old threads during Oh Well - what a treat to experience that! John came into his own throughout the concert providing an amazing "extra dimension" and "deep powerful" base quality. We really gained so much respect for this underated musician.Stevie sounded sensational and as the night went on her voice and energy spiralled into an amazingly, effortless sound, capturing the spirit of the lyrics from the start.....Mick referred to her as the "Poet" and can she tell a story! - Gold Dust Woman was spellbounding and from then on the energy soared. Stand Back was a great treat and she gave the audience a glimpse of a "persona" outside of Fleetwood Mac. Silver Springs was gorgeous.... eclipsing early recordings into out of space. Her vocals reaching those high notes spot on..providing a magical end to the evening. Tusk re-worked, opened my appreciation which was a pleasant surprise (this not being one of my previously, personal favourites). Fleetwood epitomises, the true definition of LEGEND. Mick at the end attributed Lynsey as a "Maestro", John as the "Backbone", Stevie as the "Poet and Our Lady"....Mick you are "Glue" - sticking everything together...... (ps this concert was totally worth missing the last train home!)

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