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REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Sheffield Arena November 2, 2009

SHEFFIELD ARENA - November 2, 2009
By Leeroy

Fleetwood Mac are one of those classic bands that thrived due to conflict. Much has been said of the marriages, divorces, flings, and admirations within the band but throughout the years the best songs have come from the worst of times. They still would be classed as one of the biggest bands to hit the planet, with Rumours still being one of the top ten selling albums EVER!

So when they announced a reunion the initial rumours (excuse the pun) were that they'd be headlining Glastonbury, this didn't happen much to my dismay. But when a small 6 date UK tour was announced, I was one of the first in line, even at the steep price of £75 for some of the best seats in the house. Although much the tour hasn't quite sold out, there weren't many seats left vacant in the gods at the back of the arena, something a slightly lower price tag would have solved.

The line up of the bands namesake, Mick Fleetwood, fans hero Lindsey Buckingham, almost ever present bassist John McVie, and pin-up and fashion icon for many Stevie Nicks, is the same as the 2004 tour and again missing Christine McVie since leaving the tense world of Mac. Fittingly all four members all came onto stage from seperate directions, leaving a certain doubt as to whether the tension in the band still exists. The first few tracks felt like the band were just getting warmed up, even the track that introduced me to Fleetwood Mac at a young age of Formula One watching, 'The Chain', was as powerful as on record, but felt like they'd not quite gelled everything together. Luckily that was a fear that was quickly resolved a chat to the crowd from Lindsey explaining that the band this time were determined "with no album to promote 'yet'", they were just going "to have fun and play all records that we love and hopefully so do you".

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