Sunday, June 26, 2011

(Photos) More of Stevie Nicks at Hard Rock Calling.... Stevie basking in the sun shades and all + Setlist

For more photos - check out MusicPics 

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Stevie played Fall From Grace instead of Rock N Roll
Rod and Stevie did one duet during Rod's set - Young Turks



Tony said...

She looks incredible!
With IYD dropping tomorrow in the UK, this was a lost oppty to get more buzz. Dropping fall from grace and outside the rain and adding 2 more IYD tracks would have been smart.

Shaheen Miro said...

I totally agree with you. She didn't even really mention her new album. She may have said, Secret Love is from IYD...but idk know if she even did that. I know that there were signs up for her CD signing which is today... so maybe people will catch on that way. But it was still a really good show.

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