Monday, August 01, 2011

[VIDEO] Interview with Stevie Nicks on WCPO Cincinnati

Stevie talks to WCPO in Cincinnati about her Riverbend show... and about the setlist... The Wiltern set was such a hit... she's taking it on the road!  A wise choice!  The Wiltern show was so fresh and new and exciting for the fans that were there and it blended so well with the older tunes it made for a perfect night of music.  The big question is which 6 or 7 songs? 

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shaheen miro said...

I am from Cincinnati and I am so sad I wont get to see her! I am in London until the 2nd of September. I saw her last time she was in Cincinnati... it was my first time seeing her and I loved it!!! It was amazing. So glad she did this :) ...i feel special lol

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