Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stevie Nicks Heads Down Under, Reveals Why Vegas Isn't an Option for Her

This weekend, Stevie Nicks continues her lengthy tour in support of her current album In Your Dreams with a string of dates in Australia.  The dates kick off Saturday in Melbourne, and she'll wrap things up December 10 in Tasmania.  For this round of dates, Dave Stewart of Eurythmics, who co-produced In Your Dreams, will be joining Stevie, and she says she's had so much fun working with him that she'd love him to be involved in the next Fleetwood Mac album as well.

"[Dave's] one of those people that walks in the room and he doesn't even have to say anything and you start laughing," Stevie tells ABC News Radio.  "He's just instantly funny.   And, he gets up everyday and he looks at the world through the eyes of a child.  And, it rubs off on you and you feel like a child.  And, he has big dreams and he shoots for the start to become like that when you're around him, and that's where I want to be."

Someplace Stevie doesn't want to be, however, is in Las Vegas, doing a permanent residency, like Elton John, Celine Dion or her pal Rod Stewart, with whom she toured with earlier this year.  Though she's now in her sixties, Stevie isn't interested in giving up her nomadic existence, staying in one place and letting the fans come to her.  "I could never do that.  Never.  I could never stay in one place like that," she tells ABC News Radio.  "I think that for somebody like Rod Stewart, who has eight children and a brand new baby I think that this is fantastic.  Celine Dion, you know, she wanted to raise her babies and not be traveling all over the world." 

Stevie notes that her situation is vastly different from that of Rod, Celine or even Elton -- she's not married and she's not a parent.  "I don't have that.  I have a dog," she notes.  "So I would never be able to stay in the one place and be in the same dressing room every night and have the same audience.  I couldn't do it." 

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, delete this if it's inflammatory.
The truth is that about 5 years ago, Stevie did indeed 'try out' to fill the spot vacated when Celine Dion went on a long hiatus, and her show was not 'big' enough though SN thought her modest use of video screens was a huge deal. More importantly, the sales for the 4 dates were poor. Caesar's Palace gave her a shot, but she just couldn't fill the Coliseum, not once.
Before her engagement didn't fulfill her hopes, or Caesar's, Stevie was quoted as saying how much she would ''love'' to fill the Celine slot and have the steady Vegas gig. Unless it was a made-up quote.
I think she's doing great doing her tours as she wants to do them, and wouldn't be happy with the Midler 'showgirl must go on' show she did at Caesars, or Cher's parade of wigs, sequins and 55 minutes of film and tv clips with only 43 on-stage performing minutes she did for 3 years at Caesar's.
Stevie may have wanted the Caesars gig at the time, but her integrity is in tact, so she can re-write non-history if she wants. But at the time, she wanted that Caesar's gig. Rod Stewart's tour is perfect for it. What a difference having a well dressed band and backup singers. Sharon Celani is always beautifully turned out and looks professional and has fashion model angles, but the rest of Stevie's band look like hobos who've slept in their clothes before they hit the stage.
Sloppy doesn't play, or pay, in Vegas. SN is too ''nice'' to dictate what her band wears, and perhaps that's the way it should be, but on the Rod Stewart tour, Rod's act and band looked professional and sounded great, and Stevie's seemed much less a ''polished'' total act in comparison. Rod wasn't afraid to have his band and singers look fantastic, he wanted them to. Not a RS fan, but his was the better show, and now he has the Vegas millions Stevie indeed tried to secure, but she didn't have the presentation down the way that he does.
Still prefer her entirely to him.

Anonymous said...

Actually, comparing Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart is very much talking apples and oranges.(I have always wanted to use that line). Both are perfect for what they do. Imagining Stevie Nicks' band dressed up in matching suits, just doesn't and wouldn't play. That is NOT who she is or what she does. As for playing Vegas, not as a steady gig. Stevie Nicks is purely Rock & Roll and one night stands !!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there originally talk of Rod Stewart doing this "Down Under" Tour... ??????


Anonymous said...

Don't be talking trash about Stevies band. That is all.

Anonymous said...

lol - I've never noticed what her band is wearing - it's like they are invisible. She is the whole show and I guess that is the problem.

Anonymous said...

I love Stevie's dress in that pic. And her live shows are always amazing. I'm praying she comes to Toronto, Canada again.

Anonymous said...

Stevie may have wanted to do Vegas five years ago when she was resigned to never doing another solo album, but I can't imagine that would have ever been right for her. Stevie has always been a nomad. It would have been something she would have grown to hate. I do remember reading she said she had fun doing the four or five shows she did ... but I think with new material she would just hate it.

Anonymous said...

I thought when Stevie got the call from her management about the Vegas fill-in, she was in Hawaii on a quest to do all those other things she swears shes going to do: the ladybug book, the Rhiannon movie, paint, draw, cartwheels in the Maui sand. She said she basically did it for the money in the bank and her and Waddy went to check it out and freaked out cause they would have to invent and incorporate bells and whistles into their show. She is the queen of rock n roll not a lounge lizard.

Robert said...

Stevie did mention doing Vegas when she's older, but she makes a good point.

The shows sold fine, though, and she seriously gave some of her best performances of the 2000s there. I mean, really, jaw-dropping.

Anonymous said...

Weird. All the shows were sell-outs in Vegas! What was the first poster smoking?

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