Monday, November 14, 2011

STEVIE NICKS... Upcoming TV Appearances & Interviews in Australia


TUESDAY - NOVEMBER 15TH: Stevie's scheduled to appear on Perth's 96FM Breakfast program with Fitzi and Carmen. The show airs from 5:30am-9:00am. The interview will air at roughly 7:50am WST (Perth Time) so check it out if you can by streaming the program live HERE!

Photo by Melissa Doyle
Coming up... Stevie Nicks will be interviewed one-on-one by Melissa Doyle on Sunrise Channel 7 (Australia Number 1 Breakfast Show).  The interview will air Tuesday November 15th at 7:40am. You can watch the interview here.

Don't forget to tune into X Factor in Australia Tuesday Night... Stevie Nicks performs "Secret Love" along with Florence + The Machine who will be singing "Shake It Out" and Ed Sheeran will bring his hit song "The A Team".

Also one other interview with Stevie to look forward to is with Fenella Kernebone on Australia's Art Nation on ABC.  Fenella tweeted yesterday that her final interview for the program was with Stevie Nicks.  The program airs on ABC1 Sunday's at 5pm and Monday's at 5am + Sunday at 10pm on ABC2.  The ABC iVIew may also have the interview once it's broadcast.  The interview will air on Sunday November 27th.


Alissa said...

Wow, I can't believe how young and pretty Stevie looks. NO ONE would believe she is 63. I know people 30 years her junior who are way hagged--but not her. What in the world is her secret? It could not be just exercise and staying out of the sun. And if she has plastic surgery, I can't tell. Plastic surgery is rarely done without some obvious signs, and I don't see any wind tunnel look, shiny face, trout pout, frozen suprised brow expression, pillow face, or the like. I know it is not photoshop because I saw her up close in person and she actually looks more gorgeous in person than in pictures. Seriously, there must be some process out there that the general public (and 80% of Hollywood) is not aware of. That or she has incredible genes. I don't know how she does it but wish I did!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had the pleasure of being in the front row for a Stevie or Mac show? Stevie looks great for her age, but there are also obvious signs of her age when you're in close proximity.

I think just as important as physical appearance, is attitude. I think Stevie appears younger than she has in a while because she's FINALLY released material she's excited's rejuvenated her in every sense of the word.

So as much as I can appreciate fans' adoration of her appearance...she is only human and she does look her age when you see her close up. In a strange (perhaps somewhat normal) way, I think we're lucky as fans that we get to see her grow old and that she's still creating and performing music.

I'm glad she's conscious of her appearance, but it's the music that's always mattered to me.

Alissa said...

Dear Anonymous,

Nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion.

Yes, I was in the front row at her Anaheim concert last month. I did not have to camp out overnight or anything unusual to land the front row. I just arrived a couple of hours early and got a lucky spot in line. I did get to see her up close and shake her hand. It was exciting to do that but it did not blind me. I am not one of those ultra-fans who sees no wrong. I have seen other celebrities up close and believe me they do not look very good in person. I was with a bunch of friends and they all agreed with me that Stevie looked particularly stunning at this concert, even better than her birthday concert at the Wiltern. She was thinner too. Like you said, the new material has really helped to rejuvinate her. I am sure the lighting/makeup helped however it can only go so far, it does not perform miracles. But you are right, what really counts in the end is her fantastic music.

As a side note, I did get to see and briefly chat with her back-up singer Sharon at the Anaheim concert and she is very pretty in person as well. I imagine she must be around Stevie's age too but you would not know. She is extremely fit (no more than a size six) and even gave me some of her diet tips. Very nice person and very patient with fans who wanted pictures and autographs.

Anonymous said...

I was up front during one of her concerts and Stevie really does look great. Yes, you can tell that she is aging but not to the point to where she looks horrible. Stevie is still a very beautiful woman and most importantly, a wonderful person who has a unique gift. No matter how old she is, she will always be beautiful in my eyes. There will NEVER be another like her.

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