Friday, June 29, 2012

Interview: Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams Documentary Should Arrive by End of Year

Stevie Nicks to "Make Memories" as She Hits the Road This Summer

Stevie Nicks has a dream...and it involves encouraging fans to check out her album In Your Dreams.  The disc came out last year and made the top 10, but she feels so strongly about the project that she wants to continue to spread the word.  That's why, starting tonight, she's hitting the road this summer, not once, but twice.

Stevie will kick off her solo tour in Long Island, New York Friday night, and wrap up those shows on July 15.  Then, July 20, she's heading back out again, this time on a double bill with Rod Stewart.  The two first teamed up last year for their Heart & Soul Tour, and it was such a success that they're doing it again.

So how will those two tours be different?  Stevie explains, "Well, Rod gives me an hour and fifteen minutes and my own set is a little over two hours.  So, it's you know, it's great either way.  I mean, I get to do a longer set by myself, but I don't get Rod."

Stevie tells New York Newsday that in addition to her hits, her solo shows will include as many as half-a-dozen songs from In Your Dreams.  "No one puts six new songs in their set," she says. "I feel like it's really a gift that my audience has given me to allow me to do the new songs and not start complaining...I feel really thankful for that."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer tells Newsday that each night on stage, she'll tells her audience, "This is not a Stevie Nicks' greatest hits tour.  This is a tour promoting a record called In Your Dreams.  I'm giving it a second chance because I believe in it that much, and I hope that you like [it].  And if you like [it] me a favor and tell a friend."

But aside from promoting the new album, Stevie says her other impetus for touring this summer is to give herself material for a future project.  "At my age, you start to really go, 'I'm going for the experience,'" she explains.  "As my mom always used to say, 'We're just making memories.'"  

Stevie says that she writes her tour experiences "in my journal every night," adding, "These are memories that I'm making right now...that someday will go into a big art thing: book, poems, you know, the whole thing."  No word on when that project will materialize, but Stevie has completed a documentary about the making of In My Dreams which we should see by the end of the year.

ABC News Radio
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Maury said...

Cheers! To making new memories.

Anonymous said...

Will her documentary video arrive before 12-21-12?

Anonymous said...

I will believe her documentary is coming out when I see it, and not a minute before. It should have been out long ago to try and help promote the CD, by the time it ever sees the light of day, Stevie will be back to Fleetwood Mac and it won't be relevant any longer.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. The entire execution of her promotional efforts to an otherwise excellent package of work will be of no promotional value. The video footage for the sizzle reell, videos and documentary was very well done and should have long been utilized to showcase the mystique, energy and beauty of one if the most unique and original female singer songwriters of this century. I love the CD and all the doc footage I've seen on YouTube. It's a shame it didn't find a venue for a broader audience or even make it to Palladia Channel.

Long Live the Queen

Anonymous said...

the only way people will care about the documentary now is if she puts the live birthday concert on with it, because the cd will be almost 2 years old by the time the documentary comes out , it will now have to be more of tribute to the album then a documentary!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 11'40 pm the night of Jones Beach and not a word yet from any attendees. I'm sure SN gave a good concert. Details: I can't wait, i can't wait.

Webmaster, hope you loved the concert, I think you should have free tickets for every performance of anyone in the band. You are beyond Liz Rosenberg, formely of Warner Bros, and the team at Reprise. Thank you for all of your hard work. It's worth 6 figures annually, by the way, what you do, but I sense you do it out of love.

Such Traffic! The LI Ex, Belt, Throgs Neck and I95 traffic ALL are horrendous to begin with on any Friday, and in 95 degree heat, there's bound to be disabled cars. Due to bad circumstances, I missed tonight. Had a good seat and everything. Wasn't do-able. I like to think I supported her by buying the ticket tho couldn't make it, and someone had extra room to breathe. I so want everyone to have loved the show, and wonder who will be first to say "Stevie was on fire'' during a certain song. That always makes me smile as I envision fire extinguishers being sprayed on her, she was on fire!

Odd- people would send IMs on their phones with the set list as it happened for the last several tours, tonight, nada! 2012 and people are quieter. G'nite.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above, I think you must've missed it. They were all a buzz last night. I was watching 'play-by-play action' of Stevie's show from Texas! Even saw photos of the merch!

Chris said...

You anonymous f's are sorely mistaken.
A lot of people will definitely care about the documentary no matter when it comes out. STFU

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