Thursday, August 09, 2012

Tulsa Review: Stevie Nicks "Her distinctive voice was strong and confident, buoyant and bright"

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks poured out their “Heart & Soul” tour at the BOK Center on Wednesday night.

"To put the stars together may feel like an “Odd Couple” pairing — the rebellious blues-rocker blond power woman with the master of the pop-disco-hybrid American songbook.

Boy, it worked. Gloriously.

The night launched with a rollicking welcome and Nicks’ hammering version of the Led Zeppelin classic “Rock and Roll,” backed by a seven-piece band. A stream of photos flashed behind them all, spanning half a century of the genre.

In her trademark way, Nicks adorned the sultry warble of each song with her retro-’70s-era glittered shawls and dark lace, tambourines and baubles, and punctuated the high points with high kicks in black suede platform boots."

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LIVE IN TULSA August 8, 2012
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Anonymous said...

Stevie was great as far as I am concerned!!! Rod Stewart could have rocked a little more but most people like his slow stuff. A BIG thanks for the dedication by Stevie to our troops and Veterans, We forget what some have given for us to be able to live FREE!!!

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