Monday, August 20, 2012

2 More Sell-Outs for Lindsey Buckingham - Stevie Nicks Toein the Line

Lindsey's 2 shows at City Winery Chicago August 26th and 27th including Meet and Greets are now completely sold out!  

These two new sell outs gives Lindsey a total of 7 shows since July 26th that have sold out well in advance of showtime, where if you went to the website selling the tickets, it either indicated sold out, or there were no seats left to choose from.  It's also entirely possible that other venues have sold out right at the last minute.  Not sure what this is attributed to, whether hitting these towns during the summer makes all the difference, or if it's because he's hitting markets he's largely never been to lately, the size of the venue or if it's just straight up good promotion on the part of the venue and his team - or all of the above.  Certainly the great ticket prices help!  In any case... GOOD FOR HIM! His tour runs through September 8th in Rama, Ontario Canada, which should end up being the largest audience yet on this tour... Nice send off!  

There are still Tickets available for multiple Lindsey shows HERE!  Don't miss him and his stable of guitars... He's reportedly back with Fleetwood Mac next year and it could be awhile before he's back out on his own again.

Stevie's not doing so bad herself, aside from the big shows with Rod Stewart this summer where big crowds were guaranteed she's managed a couple of solo sell outs herself in advance. The smaller more intimate venues are a no brainer to see her show and tickets move quickly it seems. The Beacon in NYC and The Niagra Falls show were two examples of shows that sold out well in advance of their date. Most of the venues she's used to playing in have been considerably larger then what Lindsey's been playing with the ticket price to match.  Its cool that she's adjusting down a bit to a smaller venue in some cities.  Even though some of her top ticket prices are a real commitment from fans she still manages to move a ton of tickets in a short amount of time where other artists of her caliber would have to put the show on sale months in advance.  That's how you know you have confidence in your audience when you can announce a show a month and a half ahead of time with top ticket prices and still manage a sizable crowd. 

Stevie has 5 shows coming up, next month, two of which were just announced within the last couple of weeks.  Her show in Thackerville, OK on September 21st at WinStar World Resorts was announced quite some time ago and there are literally only 9 tickets left!  Most of which are single seats!!  So grab those if you can!  Ticketmaster 

The show in St. Augustine, Florida on September 25th which was just announced a couple of weeks ago and went on sale August 17th is well on it's way to selling out. Seats still available at the back of the theatre on both levels.  These are perfect venues to see live acts in, there really isn't a bad seat in the house even if you are near the back.  And the sound is incredible compared to the big arena shows... St. Augustine Tickets are here at Ticketmaster.

Estero, Florida on September 27th goes on sale this Friday August 24th 10am at Ticketmaster.  So far no pre-sale has been announced for this show that I know of so the bulk of tickets should be available come 10am Friday AM.  Get Ready!  Ticketmaster

Two other shows where Stevie will be performing with other performers include Voices in The Park in Stanley Park in Vancouver Canada September 15th.  She's there along with Sarah McLachlan Bryan Adams, Jann Arden and others (and singing with Don Henley the night prior at a private function).  Hope it doesn't rain.  Still a few seated area seats left. Not sure what the limit is on the general admission area behind the seats, but it should be an entertaining evening if you are in Vancouver, plus it's for a really good cause.  Get tickets at Ticketmaster

The New Orleans show on September 22nd is presented by AARP and performers include Stevie Nicks, Gladys Knight and Melissa Etheridge.  There appears to be plenty of seats left for this show, but I believe it's at the tail end of a AARP convention being held in New Orleans and there will likely be a lot of last minute ticket buying.  Secure your seats today on Ticketmaster.

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