Wednesday, August 01, 2012

WIN Tickets To See Stevie Nicks Live in Tulsa, OK Aug 8th

Listen to 94.1 The Sound and Jason Taylor in the 8am hour weekdays from 8/2 - 8/8.  When you hear a  Rod Stewart song play (in the 8am hour) be caller 10 at 918-460-9494 to win tickets! 

Two Legends.  One Stage.  Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks at the BOK Center, Tulsa, OK Wednesday, August 8th, 2012.  

Tickets are available online at, Arby’s Box Office, all outlets, or by calling 1-866-7-BOKCTR, tickets are  $49.50, $89.50 and $149.50 plus service fees.


Anonymous said...

August 1 2012- for entertainment purposes only, some people take bad news so hard here

North Carolina is CANCELLED tonight, scant hours before Stevie was set to take the stage. The reason: Rod is sick, and Saturday's show is scheduled to be a go. "Upon doctors recommendations, Rod Stewart regrettably has cancelled tonight's appearance...''
You BET Rod's sick! SN kicked him in the nuts! You ever been kicked in the nuts with an 8 inch platform boot? or even a 5'' steel toed Reebok?
Me, too! But I'd still sing. But I'm not 108. I'm glad Stevie got it all out of her system, now they can be friends again and sing their sucky duets!
Some people have been so mean to me about this all.... kisses

Anonymous said...

^ Tis I again, to tizzify those who get into tizzies when i have reliable information i share.

I can admit when i'm wrong. The show in NC is ON tonight! Hurry up or you'll miss Stevie!

No, it IS cancelled, really. But I was wrong, the tour resumes on Friday, not Saturday. Somewhere in Florida. Or was it Florence...

More details have come my way: SN only kicked RS in the nuts when Sharon Celani climbed onto Stevie and removed the durable 'Stand Back' cape SN was strangling RS with- SN got what she paid for, it's one durable cape, but Sharon tried to calm Stevie down and threw the cape on top of Stevie's Yorkie. It was only then that Stevie kicked Rod. Then the Yorkie bit him. SN was so mad she then kicked Sharon Celani in the nuts, too!
Now, though, Stevie gets a paid night off, and she's nursing back to health Rod and Sharon, with tender loving care. SN is so sorry she's willing to sing 'Even duhprezzidint needs passion' and do it with a smile at the next show! The Yorkie, like Rod, is under a doctor's care, same doctor, in fact.
Pick up the pieces and go home, y'all, I know some didn't have time to get the news about the cancellation before heading out to the concert.
My condolences, sincere ones, for those who had tickets and were disappointed tonight. Now do ya all believe me? At least they're friends again, now.

Anonymous said...

you people have way too much time on your hands. Go volunteer for a charity or something.

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