Friday, October 26, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham Releasing First Live Solo Acoustic Album Nov. 13th

Lindsey Buckingham has been traveling throughout the U.S. this year playing intimate, unplugged concerts in support of his 2011 solo album, Seeds We Sow.  Now, the Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist is set to release one of these performances as a digital download.  Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show, will be available via iTunes on November 13, and will be the veteran artist's first recording documenting one of his solo acoustic gigs.  The album was recorded at a September 1 show that was held at Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa.

"This performance is from a single night in Des Moines…taken right off the console mix, with a couple of room mikes added in," Buckingham says about the album.  "It's live and raw, with no post-production.  I love it!  It captures not only the spirit of the performance, but also the spirit of where I now live as an artist."

The 13-song recording captures Buckingham playing various selections from solo catalog, including "Go Insane" and Trouble," as well as Fleetwood Mac classics like "Go Your Own Way" and "Never Going Back Again."

Buckingham will hit the road for a new series of U.S. solo acoustic shows starting November 3 in Oklahoma City.  Visit to check out all of his upcoming tour dates.

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"Lindsey Buckingham: One Man Show"
Album Track Listing

1. Cast Away Dreams
2. Bleed To Love Her
3. Not Too Late
4. Stephanie
5. Come
6. Shut Us Down
7. Go Insane
8. Never Going Back Again
9. Big Love
10. So Afraid
11. Go Your Own Way
12. Trouble
13. Seeds We Sow


Anonymous said...

He played Rodeo in Des Moines, and it was beautiful - should have added that to the list too!

Kristen - The GCAC said...

He's releasing it on my birthday! How nice of him. ;) Can't wait to see Lindsey on Nov 8!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I love how he includes the song Stephanie in his set. That's a nice tribute to Stevie.

Anonymous said...

THIS is what we want! We don't need ONE album every ten years! Give us new music, give us live music, give us DVDs! All the new Lindsey material over the past few years is great! I wish Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks would do the same. We don't need more greatest hits; we need new material of ANY kind!

Anonymous said...

Stevie has soooooo many people working for her that it's probably nearly impossible for her to release anything more obscure like Lindsey does. Lindsey is a true artist. In the past ten years Stevie has become more of an enterprise and "company."

Anonymous said...

Because Stevie is more popular than Lindsey

Anonymous said...

Stevie was always an enterprise/company. It is what it is. Everything is calculated.

Steve Richards said...

I was there, row 2, center. Looking forward to the I-tunes debut, but more so, the 11/20/12 at @TheDakota in Minneapolis, which is also the final performance of the tour. I suspect I'll recognize a few of you from the Hoyt-Sherman in Des Moines. (I never forget a face!) ;-)

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