Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" Documentary Screening + Q&A Las Vegas Nov 9th

Stevie Nicks is set to attend Sunset Sessions Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel which takes place between November 8th - 10th.  She'll be on hand November 9th to screen her new documentary "In Your Dreams - Stevie Nicks" and also take part in an Interview and Q&A session. The documentary screening and Q&A runs from 8:30pm - 10:30pm at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas according to the Sunset Sessions website.

(FYI, Dave Stewart also has the information posted in the events section of his website, but it's conflicting with the Sunset Sessions info.  Dave has Nov 8th at 4pm for the event but that's actually the start of the first day's Main Stage.)

This is the first time Sunset Sessions has opened the event to the public - so anyone can attend buy purchasing single day passes, or full even passes.  

The full 3 day event schedule can be found on the site.

Stevie's screening is part of the Private Sunset Sessions VIP Events.  To gain access to these events, particularly Stevie's screening and Q&A you'll need to support Stevie's charity of choice "Wounded Warriors" buy donating $1,250.  Ticket information 

Tickets to the November 9th main stage for $25 do not include access to the screening and Q&A.

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Anonymous said...

The 'In Your Dreams' documentary screenings continue, why? Saw it, it has very limited appeal, it isn't even capable of making money in the limited engagements, nor has the cd re-charted and the one legitimate review by a critic said it all- put it out in a deluxe cd/dvd. Oh, and the editing was all wrong- Wiltern footage of complete songs or ONE complete song is needed in a documentary of Stevie Nicks.
NO. Way more than ''one'' complete song is needed. She's a magnificent vocal talent and a good performer- as a conversationalist, she's quirky and fun, but for a feature length film, the chatter is overwhelming without the pay off of knock out songs being performed in full. Terribly misguided. We love to hear her talk between songs at concerts, the film is nearly all talk. It doesn't play.

The documentary never will get an Oscar nomination. EVER.

Well, a couple, three hundred fans in Vegas will be happy but it's like beating a dead horse already. In Your Dreams was a nice chapter, but it is closed, over. Unless there's smart repackaging of the cd/dvd with a LOT more music than what is in the film. Tis really stupid that there isn't one song heard start to finish in the movie, and the one that comes closest, there are cuts to her Yorkie and someone (SN, i think) talking ''baby talk'' or ''dog talk'' as the Yorkie. Yeah, get ''that'' on film... while she's singing. Great idea, there.

HER movie to do HER way, I know. And still like her. But so clueless about her own power as a performer, not as a chatty Kathy. Bad choices made in the film.

Anonymous said...

Agree completely. She is not ready to give this up even though "the ghost is gone" and with it any true excitement.
Stevie is an iconic celebrity, and it is sad to see her fade into the numerous bloated ranks of once-be's doing the charity/corporate circuit.
Love what she contributed to music, but now it's all re-play. I wish she would retire gracefully.

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