Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mill Valley Film Festival: Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart Arriving to Present Documentary

Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart
Arriving at the Mill Valley Film Fest - Oct 12, 2012
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Top left photo by Michelle Weitz. Top right by @robdroste showing the line-up waiting to get in.
Bottom left and right by Dave Stewart. He tweeted pics of Stevie and himself backstage waiting to go on.


Anonymous said...

Stevie has really come out of her shell since the release of IYD. I have to believe Dave has almost everything to do with that. I hope she can maintain this mindset when he leaves to work on other projects.

I'm ready for her to put her energy into a new music. I don't need to hear the fairytale story of the year they recorded in her house anymore. Everything she says now is repetition.

Working with Babyface may be a good sign. I hope she takes all this positive energy and produces a new collection of songs she wants to rave about. I'm more interested in the music than I am about how great the experience was making the album. Great music speaks for itself.

Cheryl Fonseca said...

I've been a Stevie & FWM fan for more than 30 years. Hearing the story behind the story (CD) straight from Stevie's (and Dave's) mouths was so amazing. She is such an enchanting pioneer and just what this younger generation needs right now.

What a big heart she has - and she uses her spot in this world to help those in true need, be it a teenager going through a rough life issue or a soldier feeling scared and injured. If only there were more kind souls out there to help others like this, we'd be in much better shape as a society.

Cheryl Fonseca

Allison Ward said...

I've been a Stevie Nicks fan it seems my whole life! Each time she puts out an album and now this documentary I get to rediscover her all over again. I fall more in more in love with her music, her stories, her poetry, her huge heart and her beauty that shines from the inside out. Thank you Stevie for all that you have done and all that you continue to do!! This was one of the best documentary films I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

ok where's the video west coast guys? We did it for ya on the east coast...

Anonymous said...

To The Editor/Webmaster:

At your discretion to censor or obliterate, I have to ask:

Why isn't anyone calling out Liz Rosenberg? The documentary has but one professional critic review, and the few screenings have been at small theaters, far from sold out at the first screening, and there's no work being done by LRMedia to get the focus on promoting interest in the film OR the album.

She's good at what she does: using a Rolodex and contacting Inside Edition, ET, People, Extra- but this does not translate to selling the film or the cd. The Nicki Minaj drama got far more ink than the documentary- wouldn't a full-service publicist with a staff be able to work in the cd and film title into any of the ''news'' coverage?

I attended the debut of the film and liked it, despite the generally unorganized and 'first time at the rodeo' aspects to how the event was handled- waiting in rain with tickets for the film, no swag of the event, not even a program or poster- money could have been made. At the pre-screening Stevie chat, there was major disorganization with no box office open, so before the rain, one couldn't even walk around the nice LI
Harbor of Sag. Delegation of duties came too late, or not at all.

Most importantly, it seems Liz R. doesn't have the contacts anymore to help SN with the film or the cd. 3 dozen press passes and only one Hollywood Reporter review? She doesn't have ONE critic she can call on to get a good review of the film in print? Yet every tv show and media outlet CAN promote Stevie's comments to benefit American Idol? How does that help the film or cd?

Stevie needed her label behind her, not someone that the label fired.

Anonymous said...

Stevie seems like a real sweetie! Love everything she writes and sings!

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