Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Day: Fleetwood Mac | Lindsey Buckingham | Stevie Nicks - Parties, Albums, Tours, Screenings

Tomorrow night in Lahaina, Maui at Fleetwood's on Front Street.  

Call 808.669.MICK for tix
Visit Fleetwood's on Front Street on Facebook

It was announced today that Dave Stewart will be attending (along with Stevie) the Las Vegas Screening of 
Both will take part in a Q&A during the Sunset Sessions event on Thursday, November 9th
from 8:30 - 10:30pm Ticket info


Beginning this Saturday in Oklahoma City, Lindsey kicks off presumably the last round of dates in support of his last solo album "Seeds We Sow" and this completely solo experiment he's been testing.  He's also putting out a new solo acoustic live album titled "One Man Show" documenting this experience/experiment.  The recording is of the Des Moines, IA show from this past September 1st.  Lindsey says it's "Live and Raw... and without post production!" Given Lindsey's penchant for noodling in the studio, this is completely out of character for him. Knowing that, this likely sounds amazing and I can't wait to hear it!  The digital only album is set to be released November 13th via itunes.

Fleetwood Mac's 1979 album "Tusk" will be re-released on vinyl November 19th. 

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk. 2-LP, 140 gram black vinyl pressed at The Record Industry in single-pocket jacket with capacity spine and inner & outer sleeves at Ross Ellis.

Available to pre-order on Amazon $42.92


Anonymous said...

$50 for TUSK (w/shipping) on vinyl???? No thank you!

Anonymous said...

"Thursday Nov 9th" is a Friday...

Anonymous said...

Nov 19th is a Monday!

Anonymous said...

The packaging is a piece of art. So don't by it if you don't want it. Collectors will appreciate it for the object it is. I wish I still had all my vinyl.

Anonymous said...

Funny the last comment mentioned the "Tusk" packaging as art. I know they used photograhper Peter Beard to design the original album package and I always hated it. To have the most beautiful woman in rock not pictured on the cover was such a mistake. A dog biting a man's tennis shoe, I mean WTF? What a God awful cover it is. And all those sleeves in sleeves, which did have some interesing photos, any of which would have made a better cover than what they used. I don't think that package helped sell the record either.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother. I'm not going to bother justifying the theories of graphic design and album art. It's clear you had no idea what Tusk was about as a statement. Peter Beard didn't design the album. His photo and journal work is featured inside the gorgeous, intentionally 'vague' sleeves. It was like a pandora's box. All mystery and suspense. Graphic Design and Art Direction was by Vigon Hahas Vigon, an award winning designer of the time.

The album was their masterpiece and the apex of their work. What you are suggesting it should have been cheapens who they are as a band by putting them in the commercial cesspool of album art that was the predictable schlock of the time.

Anonymous said...

I knew when I posted the comments about not liking the "Tusk" packaging that I would get exactly the kind of 'too cool for mainstream success' kind of response from someone. But remember, Fleetwood Mac was not an obscure art band, they were the biggest band in the world at that time, and Tusk was the follow up to the biggest album at the time. Was it crass of them to put a photo of Stevie on the cover of "Rumours"? And to suggest I don't understand what Tusk was about and how the artwork went along with the music is idiotic. As history has told us, the music was about Lindsey wanting to avoid another Rumours and to update their sound since punk had invaded the industry. And the other four members of the band understanding that the Mac had a CA. sound that didn't really go with punk. As to Tusk being their masterpiece, that is something I also don't agree with. Rumours is their masterpiece, and Tusk would have been a better album if Lindsey would have allowed the other band members to play more on his songs. If Christine and Stevie were singing on "I Know I'm Not Wrong" it would have been a much better recording and could have been as big a hit as "Go Your Own Way". But because Lindsey didn't want that, only his song Tusk ever got played on the radio. I don't but the theory that he made Tusk great, I think he kept it from being great by recording so many of his songs alone.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

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