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STEVIE NICKS Unveils 'In Your Dreams" Documentary TODAY in The Hamptons

Another piece of the "In Your Dreams" puzzle comes together today (October 7, 2012) when Stevie Nicks and Dave Stewart gather at the Sag Harbor Cinema in Sag Harbor, NY at 3pm to unveil their highly anticipated documentary on the making of Stevie's last album "In Your Dreams".

Stevie Nicks fans have traveled from far and wide to be some of the first in the world to see the premiere of the documentary.  It's been a long wait since it was first revealed back in 2010 that the whole album making process was being filmed, but at the same time it seems time has flown by! I know it's going to be an amazing film! To all those going, have fun and enjoy!! This is a once in a lifetime experience that will likely never occur like this again.

Events kick off at 12 noon with Stevie and Dave in Sag Harbor at the Bay Street Theater for a 90 minute conversation.  Then its off to the Sag Harbor Cinema across town for the world premiere at 3pm.

Big thanks to Dave Stewart and Weapons of Mass Entertainment, and to Stevie of course, for making this happen!

The final piece of the puzzle will be when the DVD/Blu-ray is released.  No word on when that will happen, but there will be more screenings of the documentary beyond the already announced dates below:

Pleasantville, NY - October 8, 2012

San Rafael, CA - October 12, 2012
Mill Valley, CA - October 13, 2012

Will update this post:

- Fans lined up this morning for Stevie and Dave's conversation... Photo (left) by Rafer Guzman.
- Inside the theatre... This is 4th row. Photo (right) by Jeannie Kartis

- Photo (left) by Dawn Watson, Stevie Nicks back stage at Bay Street Theatre doing press. 
- Photo (right) by Elba Marmo

Left Photo by R. StylR Louison | Right Photo by Jeannie Kartis

The setting.  Photo by @SteviesSara 

(below) The North Fork, NY Patch Photo 
(not sure who the interviewer was)
Patch covered a Q&A session with the legendary Stevie Nicks, who showed the world her new music documentary at the Hamptons Film Fest on Sunday - stay tuned for the story!
View the photos above at Getty | View the photos below at Newscom

Full Hour Conversation with Stevie Nicks
Hampton International Film Festival


Entering the theatre - Photo by @SteviesSara
(64 never looked so good!)

Stevie Nicks on Film: 'The World Used to Give You More of a Chance'
Fleetwood Mac memories were in the air on Sunday as the legendary lead singer showed the world her new music documentary at the Hamptons Film Festival.

Since the early ‘70s, iconic songstress Stevie Nicks has been living and sharing her dreams through music that has touched a universal nerve over the years — even if you’re not a fan of Nicks or Fleetwood Mac, you’ve heard the mega hits like “Dreams,” “Landslide,” and “Stand Back” on the radio, on the jukebox, or over the P.A. at the grocery store.

As part of the Hamptons Film Festival, Nicks shared her thoughts about her sweeping musical career and her latest solo album, entitled “In Your Dreams,” to a lively audience at the Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor on Sunday afternoon before the debut of a music documentary that chronicles the making of the album.

“The world used to give you more of a chance — they might not like everything on your album, but they might like some of it, so they’re going to listen to all of it,” she said during a Q&A session at the Bay Street.

Nicks and longtime musical soul mate, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, took the love of album-based songwriting to new heights right out of the gate with “Buckingham Nicks,” an acoustic-driven songfest that is still available only in its original 1973 vinyl form — much to the chagrin of a few fans from Westhampton Beach who stood in line outside of the theater with that very album in hand Sunday morning.

Quotes from today's event at the Bay Street Theatre plus reactions during and after the first screening of the documentary.
(Thank you to everyone on Twitter)

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Photo of @FumiDesigns and Stevie after the screening.
@FumiDesigns fan video made and submitted last February appears in the documentary.
Photos below by: @R_in_burb - Arriving and Press
Owly Images Owly Images


Anonymous said...

It has begun!

Anonymous said...

Please tell us the story of Chris leaving.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Can you please relate back to the part about LB and the negative vibes? So LB was mad about the lack of a Grammy for The Dance, and Chris was tired of that kind of thing in addition to the flying issue? That's how I'm reading that. Someone clarify? Thanks!! not sure if I'm right....

Anonymous said...

Miriam, you're beautiful.

Anonymous said...



It feels like sometimes she has forgotten 80% of her catalog!

Joseph Gould said...

My god! This is so exciting!! I can't wait to buy it on DVD!

Also, Stevie's looking REALLY good in these photos, and have a look at her figure - she's HOT! Go Stevie, you're amazing!

greg said...

I'm a huge fan of Stevie and Barbra Streisand and I can't tell you how their careers are constantly in correlation. Streisand just finished recording with Baby Stevie is working with him as well. Two completely different singers with way too many things in common.

Maury said...

Right on Greg! Streisand and Nicks are cut from the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

Yes sounded like Chris got tired of Lindsey getting mad over not winning the grammy. Still did sing rock a little I almost died and went to heaven. She is the queen of rock and she looked skinny and beautiful. Did not like Ann and Nancy's book with her name in it. She worked with baby face didn't say what song. She is full of surprises....

Anonymous said...

Cool to know I'm not the only huge fan of BOTH Streisand and Nicks!

Anonymous said...

What a great day in Sag Harbor...Stevie is definitely the boss of her studio...and she's classy...and she's very funny. The film's segments on New Orleans and Soldier's Angel were very very moving.

Anonymous said...

Can someone PLEASE tell us what the hell was said??? Lol. What did Stevie say!?!?!?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the events in Sag Harbor. Fun.

6 comments and I hope they're ok to write. Again, very enjoyable events.
1. 'Wide Sargasso Sea' was horribly shortchanged in the film. I heard a few groans when it ended so quickly. Well, buy the cd :)

2. Love it or hate it, 'Italian Summer' needed the prior 40 seconds before the ending of the song for it to have the 'wow' impact- had the ''build'' been included, that long note held at the end would have had more impact and spontaneous applause, not eventual and mild applause from the crowd. Too bad.

3. More Wiltern footage would have been nice, and all of 'In Your Dreams' (the song) needs to play LOUD over the credits, without 'Stevie talking like her Yorkie' with cuts to the dog- give the full song from the Wiltern as credits roll, no cuts, BLAST the song, sell some cds, not have it at a low volume.
Perhaps volume was lowered in the theater because of the coming press questions, but crank the song loud.

I apologize, but:
4. I don't like the Bob Dylan story, never have, sorry. ''That's like saying 'It's All Right, Ma, You're Only Bleeding''' said Stevie at the noon pre-film gathering. No, not really, not the same at all, but it was cute :) Maybe 'ma' had her period?? Oh, dear.

5. After the film was screened, Dave Stewart amusingly referred to SN as ''your highness'' when he asked her if it was ok if he made a comment to one of the media questions- something about a one-woman show, incorporating past videos, live performances with q &a segments. She seemed to like the idea.

6. I liked the guitar solo better that Dave was trying to convince Stevie was the solo she'd heard before on 'Everybody Loves You'-- it's an amusing part of the film that shows SN's musical ear and ability, but before the discussion, I thought 'wow, that sounds much better than what's on the cd' then they had a quite funny exchange about it. Stevie triumphed. The solo Dave was trying to convince Stevie was the same as what wound up on the cd was great! They are a very like-able duo.
I liked the documentary.

Anonymous said...

Wow, FumiDesigns looked so beautiful in person,in broad daylight and in the film. It's a ''nice" shot with Stevie, but Fumi had on the most beautiful, flattering, tailored black leather jacket- i wonder if they made her take it off--'uh, lose the jacket that makes you so great, SHE's the one who wears black.'' Maybe not. Don't intend to insult anyone, it's a nice pic of SN and FumiD.
An up and coming star, FumiD, or one already, and we met but it's not kind to refer to someone by name unless they are asked, beforehand.

I met bunches of people and if anyone wonders, I am NOT contagious, if Fumi's expressive eyes were wondering that and I can be paranoid and i also can read people. Sometimes. Only those who live in my exact pre-WW2 house can have it. Me and the cat. And the cat is fine!
Have been receiving treatment, very complicated and had talks w 2 doctors ''people will be able to see it, all over my face, i don't look well''- then thought, "They're not there to see me''- it's not like a flu, you can't ''catch it'', it's from breathing it in over a period of years.
Teeth from the tiger time: I have lead poisoning. It can't be caught by casual contact. Not air from someone who kept distance outside of a line, i think i stood in a firelane. Nor can it be caught by a cut on my hand or a face welt.If it could be caught, i wouldn't be able to administer insulin to my mother 4x a day, at her home. My blood pressure is great, which is unusual, but side effects of one med not gross- but something i had to tend to, and i can't believe i missed her sing 'wild heart' and the other 2- i heard loud cheers when i had to briefly leave the auditorium.
Sorry for the TMI- as usual, i agonized over going, hired 2 nurses for my mother, mom kicked one of them and she left, My phone vibrated during movie, didn't play messages til i left theater. A family member drove 330 miles so i could drive the 110 into Sag. She had enough of mom by 6'30pm and left.
'Escape from Long Island'- i was tired, had to wait to take one med or i wouldn't be able to drive well, then misread my directions and i drove route 27 3x when i never needed to be on it, 'well this way is wrong, turn around, do it again' then i finally saw it was Rte 495 i wanted. Was home at midnight, should have made it well before 8. "Do you know where what-what is?'
"No, i don't know anything, I'm from Connecticut.''
Thanks, if he's reading, to the guy i love to read, for the idea for my coming blog, i can't keep doing this, here. "'' Ok, it needs work. As do I. Hope I didn't scare anyone. I don't think I'll die from this, but if i do, i saw the doc.
Oh i had a point: congratulations, fumi designs. MODERATOR, delete this if you want or maybe in 2 days so maybe fumi and my favorite writer might see this, so happy to say hi to him. Also saw people i hadn't seen in years and others i enjoyed reading, for a decade or more. thank you. Dammit, i missed 'wild heart'.... Had a good time, and the nurse isn't suing.

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