Monday, April 29, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Extended Play EP - Now Available Everywhere!


1. Sad Angel
2. Without You
3. It Takes Time
4. Miss Fantasy

Now Available in the U.S. and Canada Plus
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Check your countries iTunes for availability.

Released through LMJS Productions LLC (Lindsey, Mick, John, Stevie Productions)

Fleetwood Mac released on Tuesday, April 30th without much fanfare their four song EP with songs “Sad Angel”, “Without You” "It's Takes Time" and "Miss Fantasy".  All four songs are expected to also be released on CD, though no date has been announced. This could possibly lead to a full album from the band depending on how this does - so GO BUY IT!

Fleetwood Mac has been performing “Sad Angel,” and “Without You” on their tour. The latter track dates back to the early ’70s and Buckingham-Nicks. 

"Sad Angel" I've loved from the beginning and it doesn't disappoint.  John's bass is dancing all over this track, in fact on all of them his bass really stands out which is great... LOVE IT!   

WOW! "It Takes Time" is beautiful! and so un-Lindsey with only piano and strings... 

"Without You"... Who could go without?  Loved the old demo.  Nice redux!  Warm sounding guitar.

"Miss Fantasy"  Like this one... so great to hear the full on band sound for a change on a Lindsey song. Stevie's vocals could have been a little more prominent on this, but its cool just happy to finally hear new music.

Thanks Fleetwood Mac!


LOS ANGELES, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fleetwood Mac, currently on a hugely successful 48 city concert tour of North America, have confirmed that they are releasing an EP of new material today titled "Extended Play" exclusively for purchase on iTunes at "Extended Play" includes three new songs "Sad Angel," "It Takes Time" and "Miss Fantasy" written by Lindsey Buckingham and produced by Lindsey Buckingham and Mitchell Froom.  A fourth cut, "Without You" was written by Stevie Nicks and co-produced by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.  "Without You" was a lost song from the Buckingham/Nicks days which had been missing and happily rediscovered when someone posted an early demo of it on YouTube.  The first single, "Sad Angel" is also being released to radio today.  "Extended Play" is the first recording of new Mac music since the release of "Say You Will" over a decade ago.

"We all felt that it would be great to go into the studio and record new material before embarking on this tour and the result has been remarkable – our best group of songs in a long time.  It's a work in progress but we're so enthused by what we've done that we thought we'd share some of it with our fans in the form of an EP now... We're performing two cuts, 'Sad Angel' and 'Without You' in the show and the response has been terrific," commented Buckingham. 

Fleetwood Mac are multi-Grammy winning Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees. Their classic Rumours album released in 1977 is one of the most successful albums in recorded history with sales exceeding 40 million.  It planted itself at the top of the pop charts for over 31 weeks and had four top ten singles.  A special edition of Rumours celebrating its release 35 years ago was recently released on Warner Bros. Records.

For further information and tour schedule:

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Joseph Gould said...

It's available in Australia, I had to search for "Fleetwood Mac Sad Angel" to find it.

Joseph Gould said...

After listening to 'EP' a few times over, I'm close to admitting that "It Takes Time" is my favourite track. It's hard to imagine Lindsey Buckingham would ever put out a song like this, which is probably why I like it so much.

"Sad Angel" is a bit slower and not as electric as its onstage counterpart, but still fun, energetic and fresh nonetheless. "Without You" is a gentle and heartfelt ballad equally worthy of public release on this EP. "Miss Fantasy" is another uplifting gem. All in all, the tracks present on 'EP' are all great and reminiscent of a Fleetwood Mac in its heyday.

One criticism I must make is that there's a distinct lack of Stevie. To me, Stevie doesn't really sound like she's having a very good time. Miss Fantasy is a good example. I suspect this is partly due to the fact that Stevie had recently lost her mother, Barbara and also due to the fact that Stevie's time working on these tracks was well after the whole band had met to create them.

This aside, I'm very much impressed by these different and encouraging new tracks. I'm hopeful that there will be more to come from Fleetwood Mac in the future - whenever that may be.

MplsMike said...

GRRRR ... figures that the United States would be LAST to get the new music.

MplsMike said...

Also, I must reiterate Joseph's comment ... GO BUY IT! If this EP sells well Fleetwood Mac could be encouraged to record another record, or at the very least put out another EP later in the year (with possibly some new tunes from Stevie!!) ... so please DO NOT pirate this music. It's not expensive please buy it.

Anonymous said...

the album's release date is 4/30. That's why you don't see it on itunes in the states yet. No other reason, or fault of the band/management/etc.
you'll see it there tonight at midnight - or even as early as 9pm on the west coast.

i love that they're doing this indie-style.
Who needs "fucking record companies" (Stevie's expression).

MplsMike said...

Released through LMJS Productions ... does this mean EP does not have an actual record label?

Anonymous said...

^^ That's right... The band isn't under any contract with any label. Their catalogue is and has always been with Warner, but in terms of agreement to produce more for a label, they aren't under contract. Anyone can record music and throw it up on iTunes for delivery to fans... Hopefully there's a huge response and it makes it easy for them to decide to record a full album, or like someone said earlier another EP later this year!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to more from Stevie. Can't wait until these are available in the US.

Anonymous said...

nice songs but would have been nice to have a stevie-lead vocal track.

Anonymous said...

i'm a bit torn re "let's do huge response." FM should put at least a little something in its promotion. pay some money or however that works to itunes to put it upfront and promote it. if they are not willing to do that than why should i go around advertising it?

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard the EP, but the lack of a Stevie lead song is lame. She was able to pull something together for Dave Grohl's project and it's been YEARS since In Your Dreams was recorded. One song was too much effort and then she wants us to beg for a full LP? Whatever...

Chris M. said...

I'm not going to complain without hearing it, but I AM a little disappointed at no Stevie lead. People who haven't heard much from them in awhile will think she's not even a singer in FWM anymore! I thought at least she would kind of DUET on one of Lindsey's songs (trading verses)--something.

Anonymous said...

The EP will be released in America at 12:00 am on Tuesday. ALL new material for that week is uploaded at midnight on Tuesday. So only a few hours away!!

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that you base your purchasing this around whether or not the band is spending money to promote this. Have you not read anything on the band since late last year or even earlier? Every single publication, interview with the band, video interview with the band about the tour and every show so far performed has mentioned it's upcoming release.

They are doing this on their own without the support of a major label that generally has the mechanics in place to heavily promote their artists... It's new territory for the band... It's very indie of them doing it this way... Look at the indie artists, they look to their fans for support in buying their music and it's all done on a shoe string budget and online. Good word of mouth and playing live gains them an even larger fan base.

I think for what it's worth, in this case, very few dollars, they deserve the support of their fans. Whether Stevie gets the lead vocal or not (we already know why she wasn't more involved), I think we should support the band if this is all they are able to offer at this time.... Remember they are feeling out this new territory, if it goes well, I'm positive there will be more to come.

Anonymous said...

Just heard it. Think it's very poor and lackluster.

There have been people around this site getting blasted for saying that Stevie's not into it these days, and I'm gonna stand up and agree with them here. Without You is such a cop out and it's no better a tune now than it was 40 years ago when they threw it away. To say I'm let down by her contribution is an understatement.

LB tracks sound like LB tracks. The same as everything he's done in the past 15 years. Sad Angel sounded like it had promise at first, but it's only that hook in the chorus and the rest is Peacekeeper recycled. It doesn't have nearly the same impact in recorded form either.

The other two songs are just... bla

The sound is frigid, just like Say You Will. Recorded inside a beer can or a phone box. I'm actually sorry I bought this thing if it means there might be a full album in the pipe.

John said...

Initial reaction: all the songs are great, but I wish Stevie had a more pronounced presence. In interviews, they made it seem as if these songs were basically duets. They're not. You can barely hear Stevie on "Miss Fantasy." Even "Without You" is pretty much a Lindsey lead vocal. It's hard for me to believe that Stevie couldn't provide ONE new song to this project. She could have recorded it over the span of 4 days in January or February.

I wonder how this little EP will do, given Stevie's limited participation......

BettyJ said...

Maybe we're all better off without more Stevie content. She did just release "You Can't Fix This"... and it don't get no worse than that. You really can't fix it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad they're doing this independently.
There are a lot of progressive artists (like Aimee Mann) who are doing it this way and they end up with very successful albums - even though you don't see them in the top 100 on Billboard.
It's almost as if the very commercial/bland non-creative bands are the only ones left releasing music on big labels.
I think this is wise for Fleetwood Mac. And as long as they still enjoy touring, I think they should continue to do it.

By the way -- I LOVE You Can't Fix this. Love the way it was recorded, love the guitars, love the sound. They lyrics are trite, but the tunefulness makes up for that minor detail.

Anonymous said...

It's out already in North America. I'm in California and I just downloaded it. Love it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I want it, but not from itunes. The band certainly can afford to have 5,000 cds manufactured, with liner notes, photos, and maybe 5,000 vinyl copies of the release. I know physical copies are soon to be obsolete, but that's not now. Sure, 6.88 is a fine price, but there is 'no' reasonable effort by the band to make this mostly Lindsey product fan-friendly. They're on a huge tour- don't be so cheap- get it onto amazon so 'collectors' have copies they want.

The band is being cheap. Support this, sure, but fans deserve support ''back'' from the band. It's good that they did ''throw the songs out'' but they also threw away consideration for their fans who, like Nicks, prefer music not from the computer. So, so cheap. Get the ep on amazon. Spend some money. Sheesh.

They're rich beyond reason, and we blindly 'must' support this itunes-only release or ''we're'' to blame for no more new music if we don't download the songs from itunes? Absurd.

Fleetwood Mac is lamely handling their first independent release the way they're doing this. It doesn't ''deserve'' to be a success as an i-tunes only release- but if it is a success, I'll be happy for the band.

Anonymous said...

Such negativity from some quarters is unfortunate but is to be expected. Independent releases are very different from releases sponsored through a record company. In today's music world, the fans play a much bigger part in promotion.

Anonymous said...

Besides WIthout You, this is excellent. It's clearly a Lindsey project, and that's just fine. Kind of building on Seeds We Sow, which is a creative high. He's really mastering his craft in his later years. Unfortunately, Stevie's lackluster vocals take away from it, and that's hard for me to say being a long time fan of her work.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Angel, I won't be playing this very much. I bought it and am initially disappointed. None of these songs arise to the level of anything on In Your Dreams. Or most of Lindsey''s recent solo work. I remember initially loving most of Say You Will, but don't feel that love for any of these songs. Lack of Stevie? Perhaps. I do love her and really liked You Can't Fix This. But W/O U left me flat. Actually this is a testament to how far she has come as an artist and songwriter-- this was better left in the past.
Sad Angel was the best cut by far, but not classic Mac. The third track was a Lindsey solo song. Piano and strings? What members of Mac were suing on that track?
Miss Fantasy seems to chug along but us quite forgettable.
Do I wanna nnew Mac album? U betcha! But something more collaborative and seasoned. This was a rushed effort. You Cant Rush This...

Zanobbi said...

We didn't need another LB collection of very poor songs... Lately he's writing the same song again and again. Sounds exactly like some of the poor songs he has been releasing these years.
"Without you" (live version is much better than this one; as usually, even the old demo is better) is the best track, and that means the EP is not that good. Was Stevie singing on the phone from her house on these tracks??
Yes, LB must be a guitar hero, maybe he wrote 8 or 9 good songs a hundred years ago, and maybe he was a good Stevie producer until Tango, but what else? Sadly, this EP is like the "Say you will" bonus tracks.
BTW, "It takes time" is just horrible.

Anonymous said...

This new E.P, for me, suggests why they perhaps won´t release a new album.The songs sounds like tired LB solo leftovers. Where´s the other LB: the superb arranger of Tango in the night and Out of the cradle ? His voice also seems to have detoriated a lot. Maybe cause of his endless touring in recent years. He´s in obvous problem when trying to hold a note on " It takes time:"
Being a longtime Fleetwood Mac fan, it just saddens me.
If Stevie woould take more leads, write more songs, and an outside producer would step in, maybe they have another great album still in there.

Anonymous said...

I love this new EP. It's obvious though that they will not release a new album.

Anonymous said...

The new EP is good, but not great. "Miss Fantasy" is the most classic Fleetwood Mac sounding song here and would have had the best chance to get on the radio. "Sad Angel" is too bombastic, much like Lindsey's song "My Little Demon" from THE DANCE CD. "Without You" sounded better on the old demo, this version is kind of slow and a bit flat sounding. The Lindsey balled "It Takes Time" is beautiful, but would be better if Stevie sang background on it.

All in all, Stevie's vocals are fine, but she still should have contributed at least one new song and one lead vocal. Unfortunately I would be very surprised if any of these songs ever gets any airplay on the radio.

And while I too would love a complete new full album, this only makes me wonder if the band really has it in them. Stevie's very limited inclusion in this project does not sit all that well with me. And if this is the best they can come up with, then I don't even want more.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the reason Stevie did not contribute any new songs was because she knew what would happen to them. she had an experience with someone that treated her music with respect and allowed it to remain true to HER vision. From what everyone says, I rest my case!!Oh and to the person saying "Without You" sounded better on the old demo... Most of her original demos sound better then the over worked versions ....

Anonymous said...

I just bought it and love miss fantasy one of lindsey's best songs!! sound like the mirage era very upbeat, wish they would do is live, sad angel is pretty much the same good song not great, without you not one of my favorites or it takes time, when there is only 4 songs its better to have more upbeat songs, would have been nice to hear a new stevie song but for me it was well worth buying just for miss fantasy.

MplsMike said...

I've given EP a few spins now, and while I can respect a lot of the disappointed comments I have to say I really like the collection. Yes, it's very LB heavy but we all knew that way before it came out. We all knew Stevie did very little but go in and lay down some vocals. I've been saying this on several comment boards, but given the quality of IYD and the two subsequent years of touring I'm sure Stevie has a few outtakes that didn't make the record or a few songs she wrote on tour. Perhaps she's saving them for her next solo album?

Also to expand upon something dzzz just commented on ... Stevie did not like the way Lindsey produced her contributions for SYW, she has said that in interviews before.

Perhaps if this EP sells well, rather than a new album (I really don't think it will happen) perhaps we'll get something along the lines of EP2 which will have some strong new Stevie compositions on it. The only way to get there is to buy this one, and at $3.96 for four songs you can't go wrong.

As for the tracks ... "Sad Angel" is an obvious winner and so is "Miss Fantasy." Both would play well on Adult Contemporary or Adult Alternative radio stations. Just as the previous poster commented, "Miss Fantasy" does evoke feelings of the Mirage-era Mac, and it feels like you could hear Christine's harmonies on it (even though they obviously aren't).

I'm not sure how I feel about "Without You" yet. I like it better than LB-produced reworked demos for "Thrown Down" and "Smile at You," that's for sure.

Malcolm said...

I am a confused. We have waited 10 years for new music and now that we have it there is criticism? Okay, I agree that a Stevie lead vocal is missing but Sad Angel is catchy and upbeat and far and away an improvement on some of the Say You Will LB songs. It Takes Time is likewise the best ballad that LB has ever done. So lets wait for them to record a Stevie lead vocal and a new full album or EP.I'll take the music any way I can!!

MplsMike said...

I really like the group photo up on iTunes currently, it's the photo from the 2013 Tour shirts. It looks a bit different than the SYW photos. I'm also really encouraged by the very positive average rating on iTunes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds great! The production is a lot warmer than on Say You Will.
Love the 12 String guitar on Without You. The whole EP sounds a lot more cohesive and much more like a band-effort.
Reminds me of Mirage more than any other Fleetwood Mac album. If this is any indication of what's to come, I think we have another great Fleetwood Mac album to look forward to. Welcome to the digital age FM!
You're a little late to the party, but we're glad you're here!

It's already at #11 on iTunes (and #1 on the rock charts) on the morning of the release date - which tells me it will be a big seller.

MplsMike said...

I found this link ... I'm not sure if all the news has been posted on this site so I'm sharing it ... "Sad Angel" was given over to radio today!!!!

Anonymous said...


You are everything that is wrong with the FM/SN community.

Anonymous said...


And you are everything right... in your own mind. If your children had an opinion that wasn't a carbon copy of your own, would you punish them or disown them? Not everyone thinks exactly like you do, thank goodness.

Anonymous said...


Get a grip! You're being ridiculous! Just as Malcolm was when he said:

"I am a confused. We have waited 10 years for new music and now that we have it there is criticism?"

It's like because we got something new we have to love it and have to praise it and have to thank the goddess of lightbeams and unicorns that we have it. Who cares if some don't like! They better just shut up because, you know, it's new, and we waited.

The idea that just because we have something we have to adore it is ludicrous. It's about as rational as those fans who say this band deserve undying love JUST because they get up on stage. They don't. If something is not good, or you just don't like it, everyone, you included, have the right to express that.

So, yes, I waited for this EP just as long as you and dear old Malcolm did, and I think it stinks. It's derivative, recycled, and just plain boring. Just like this tour.

I don't care how long we was forced to wait, but it wasn't worth it.

Anonymous said...

Love the new songs. The best Fleetwood Mac albums have always been Lindsey-heavy and a small dose of Stevie.
And I think Mitchell Froom's sound is great - warm and full, just like a Fleetwood Mac album should sound!

Anonymous said...

I didn't even know Mitchell Froom did the production. I loved his work with ex-wife Suzanne Vega. I'm not sure if it's my headphones but it seems the vocals (especially Stevie's) need a little more pinpoint clarity. I do like the way "Without You" came out, since it captures the essence of the original.

Anonymous said...

I'm not hearing "warm and full" at all! Such a disappointment from Mitchell Froom, however I suspect Lindsey had his nose in the knobs & mix as well. Sad Angel & Without You especially sound poorly mixed. Stevie & Lindsey's vocals sound like they were recorded in a tin can. Lindsey's 12-string rhythm guitar "accompaniment" on "Without You" completely obliterates the beauty & harmony of the vocals with its prominece in the mix and sounding too brassy. Though I'm happy to hear new music from my favorite band, I don't think these songs are a positive foreshadow of another FM record anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

I'm completely happy with all 4 songs! Sounds great on stereo speakers!

Anonymous said...

I swear Keith Olsen, Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut were the only ones who could mix this band right. Great mixing is a skill apparently few possess.

Anonymous said...

I hear warm and full - but I'm not listening on crappy Bose speakers or iphone earbuds. Listening on real speakers and it sounds excellent.

Malcolm said...

Tusk took quite of bit of criticism as well. Yet it is lauded today. Tango in the Night was a radical departure from what might have expected from the Fleetwood Mac sound. Yet it is the second best selling album issued by FM. I will take new music anyway I can because even on a bad day this group is far and away better than most anything else around.

Anyone who follows this blog knows that the recordings were done in two phases after the passing of Stevie's mom. That there is new music is remarkable.

That there is still a Fleetwood Mac is even more remarkable. It was all but over after Time.

So yes I will take the new music any way I can. Is that wrong? I don't think so.To quote Perez Hilton:

"Yaaaay for more Fleetwood Mac! Our ears will never tire of their supreme musical talent and soul-stuffed creations!"

BigFatBerthaInANeckBrace said...


If you're looking to have your opinion taken seriously, don't quote Perez Hilton. FFS!

Anonymous said...

Just purchased the EP and I love all 4 songs!!!

Anonymous said...

If Mitchell Froom had anything to do with nudging Lindsey Buckingham to record "It Takes Time" with just piano and strings (and that moving vocal) then I vote for more production with Froom. I get to vote, right?

BigFatBerthaInANeckBrace said...


Amazing vocal?

Sounds like a dog whistle to me. ITT is the lowest of the low I think. It's way down there with You Can't Fix This.

MplsMike said...

By the way ... the new group photo up today ... Stevie and Lindsey to one side, Mick and John to the other ... there's a space in the middle. I'm sure it was not intentional but I immediately thought it might be for the spirit of Christine, who is obviously never coming back to the band ... but given the split in the middle you can kind of almost picture her there.

Anonymous said...

I give it two thumbs up and think Sad Angel belongs on the radio asap. I do wish Stevie was more prevalent on the songs, but, I'll take what I get for now. I'm sure Stevie will be making new music as soon as time permits. Sad Angel also sounded great live in NY and NJ.

Sad Fantasy Angel said...

I've given this new EP a few listens now and I'm left pretty much speechless by it. Well, not completely speechless.

The band had a chance to put out a small collection of great music here. They've had ten years to work on just four tracks and this is the best they could come up with?

Of all the songs Stevie had to choose from in her "vaults", why on earth was "Without You" the one that was pulled out? That song was barely passable as a demo. As a finished studio track, it certainly doesn't shine. She must most certainly be creatively bankrupt or doesn't care one iota about Fleetwood Mac anymore if she couldn't be bothered to write something new for this EP. This is a woman who says she is constantly writing but can't put out one new song? And since she couldn't be bothered, something like THIS had to be what was thrown out there. If she had to choose something old what about "The Dealer" or "Sanctuary"? Anything would have been a better choice than "Without You".

As a long-time fan that is used to actually hearing Stevie Nicks on any Fleetwood Mac studio effort, I am absolutely shocked at how little she can be heard here. Is appearing less and less on studio work how Stevie is going to end up leaving Fleetwood Mac because she's finally tired of the "boys club" she complained so much about after SYW? Go out slowly so we don't miss her as much until it's just "Lindsey Buckingham Featuring Mick Fleetwood and John McVie".

None of Lindsey's recent solo work has been all that impressive to me and the tracks on this EP are most certainly following suit. It's all bland, lackluster and poorly executed. Based on history, I expect so much more from Lindsey and he's unfortunately failing to deliver.

Fleetwood Mac needs to call it quits while they still have some tattered shreds of their dignity remaining to be remembered by. If I am speechless at this, it's only because I am so utterly disappointed at how far this once truly amazing band has finally fallen.

Anonymous said...


If that's true, The Dance should have been their swan song, when Christine left the band.

Anonymous said...

I think Nicks will be a quick convert, finally, that money is to be made, and it seems she now needs Fleetwood Mac very much. The solo, Asher and Grohl projects didn't impact much, and yet w Fleetwood Mac, on day one, she was back in the top 5- some said it hit #1- I can't keep up.
And it may bode well for a quick followup EP- her (lovely) ego is not going to be able to stand that she has a product that is selling and she has only 1/4 of the songs! So, a stronger EP#2 with at least 2 Nicks leads could come soon. And if this one is selling with her minimal input, the next EP- 'with' Fleetwood Mac could be a huge seller with 2 excellent Nicks songs. She didn't ''care'' about this release- she'll care about the next one. Hurry up, though! She has a much better chance for songs that sell well and turn a profit (IYD and the Peter Asher cd did not) with FM than solo. Too bad, I like her solo. FM has no Edge walk :) Wouldn't you just love Lindsey singing ''ooh baby, ooh, said ooh?" I would! Ditch Rhiannon- Add Edge!

If Fleetwood Mac is without a label- and they are- so is Nicks. Reprise has kicked Nicks to the curb, or she wouldn't be 'effing record label' them now in interviews- So, once she finds she can earn a hefty profit in a day or 2 on itunes, she'll be on board, maybe even talking about her new computer.

What ruined the chances of IYD for SN: She said 'no' to Reprise when they wanted a Christmas 2010 release for the cd and had David Wilde leaking advance word, they wanted the cd out by the end of 2010. Only 'Soldier's Angel' had yet to be recorded- so she had a label enthusiastically wanting to push her cd with plenty of songs for the holiday release- and she told them no, Wilde was no longer talking up on the cd and then she was on her own. THAT is why the label ''didn't help her'' when the cd came out in May of 2011. She told the young suits she knew their business (selling cds) better than she did. That did her in.

True, the artist in her wanted to tweak the songs more and get 'SA' done, for ''her'' and maybe for Lindsey- but the label didn't need 'Soldier'- they were ready for a big holiday push, which would have worked well, without the song- she alienated her label saying she didn't want to rush it to be in time for the holidays. THAT 'killed' or ended her '"contract with a major label as a solo artist'' years. You can't tell them 'No' and then expect help later, which was her complaint.

So; now, internet-hating Stevie Nicks will find the best way for her to get a profitable song is by staying with Fleetwood Mac and doing this itunes thing again soon. Fleetwood Mac's name brand now id larger than Nicks solo: look at the tour- look at the past 2 tours. It's ''criminal'' how little Nicks is on the new, healthy selling ep by Fleetwood Mac. She just found out today- it's selling- and Lindsey has 3/4 of the publishing on it! And I agree that she has at LEAST 29 stronger demos than 'Without You' -- this "Fleetwood Mac" EP is turning into the biggest solo hit Lindsey has had ever!
Volume 2 by end of summer, please!!! Nicks heavy! If she's looking for a solo EP, get the lawyers and do cd AND video EP of the 2 Asher songs, the 1 Grohl song, and add ''In Your Dreams'' live from the Wiltern. 4 songs and 4 videos and more exposure for the Asher and Grohl cds and exposure of the title song- cut so soon from her touring act. Now that would be a nice SN EP. And it's done and would be cross polination promotion for all those projects!

For bow, get Volume 2 EP by Fleetwood Mac out, fast! Your reputation, your reputation! Seen the tour reviews lately? And now the EP is all HIS. Step on up to the plate, SN, you're the best. Get YOUR songs on a Fleetwood Mac EP!

-silly ranter

Anonymous said...

What an amazing set of songs!!!! Its fresh and new and It Takes Time is the most orginal Buckingham sound in years. I hope it gets radio play, sells well and puts the "go into retirement" talk to bed for good.

I am not a Perez fan but he is promoting the EP so good for him.

Anonymous said...

-silly ranter, I like the way you think.

Joseph Gould said...

Well, I have to admit - I love EP and all of the songs on it, and I look forward to hearing more when and if they make and release more.

I don't like all this negativity, we don't all have to love or like the new songs, or like the way they were mixed etc.. But let's be thankful they're still touring and recording? I know I am.

Anonymous said...

@silly ranter

While you rambled quiet a lot there, I think I agree with the point you tried to make. Nicks is about being a success, the money, and being a legend more than she is about artistic output these days. And her ego is nearing the stratosphere as we speak.

I actually think this EP is quite awful, with no soul or much of anything worth hearing, but that might be because I think LB is a pretentious has-been with no talent. But "Without You" is equally as terrible as anything LB's got going, and it's a shame that that's all Stevie could be bothered with. If FM must continue, I hope Stevie decides to get out of bed for the next recording sessions and offer something we might like to hear.

My thoughts on it all is that Stevie doesn't actually care about Fleetwood Mac, and at this point just does it to get a bit of a boost and offers up things - songs - she doesn't want or doesn't care about. That may be because LB ruined everything she had for Say You Will and the album was a flop.

The only thing I would disagree with you about was that IYD didn't sell. It did actually, but it would seem more so in other countries rather than just in the United States. I believe it's notched up over half a million world wide, which if that's not a success, I'm not sure what is.

Then again, as noted, SN is about success that you can show off. Money and accolades - gold records in frames.

@Joseph Gould

I refuse to be thankful for something that I do not enjoy or feel was created using the least effort possible. The EP is terrible, Sad Angel has a decent chorus, but other than that everything is twiddly, heavy breathing, coldness. I wish I could get a refund.

Anonymous said...

After just listening to "Without You", I was thinking it would sound great remixed with rock guitar, a groovin' classic Mac bassline, and an offset drum beat like "Go Your Own Way", and released as a radio single (with Ken Caillat doing the mixing!) I think it would sound primo.

Anonymous said...

It would sound even better with a guest stint from Christine adding vocals and keyboard... but dream on, right?

Anonymous said...

And call the band Buckfleet NicksVie...

Anonymous said...

@Silly Ranter:
Fleetwood Mac should spice their live set up a little bit. I don't think anyone here would argue that point. If they are absolutely honest, even the most die-hard of fans tires of hearing Landslide, Go Your Own Way, Dreams, Rhiannon and World Turning again and again and again and again. Fleetwood Mac should not be doing "Stand Back", either, I don't think. The only problem with dropping that song is that it seems to be the only time Stevie really becomes animated on stage with Fleetwood Mac anymore.

As for Fleetwood Mac ever doing "Edge of Seventeen" live, I don't see that happening. The band briefly toyed with "Edge" in 1982 during rehearsals. Personally myself, I don't think it would have sounded that good as a Fleetwood Mac song. It would be better for that to be a staple of a Stevie solo show, IMO. Solo material should stay in the solo shows. For both Stevie and Lindsey.

I'd love to see Fleetwood Mac do "Seven Wonders" again but I know that will never happen. Stevie no longer has the vocal range to sing that song live. She'd end up ruining it as she did "Sisters of the Moon" by dropping octaves and yelling out the lyrics rather than singing them. "Blue Letter" could be good live as long as Lindsey would play and sing that song with the passion he did in 1975. Yes, I know he's older now but he needs to stop plucking the guitar and play it. Don't whisper, sing.

I also cannot see Stevie ever embracing anything "techie". She apparently has this unnatural hatred of technology almost bordering on that of the Unabomber's. It would be nice for her to finally "come in out of the darkness" that she's living in but I think it's too comfortable a place for her.

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