Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Audio Interview: Lindsey Buckingham Talks Fleetwood Mac Tour, Stevie Nicks, "Sad Angel", Christine McVie

Lindsey Buckingham
93.7 The Arrow Houston's Classic Rock Station
May 1, 2013


Anonymous said...

Humming Sad Angel right now myself...awesome new music!

Anonymous said...

I love that 2nd to the last question and answer(admitted shipper)

Interviewer: ...When you MARRY someone you think you know all their deepest, darkest, secrets. Did you know that Stevie was proficient in twirling baton?

Lindsey: Uh.. I did.. Yeah I had seen her do that much earlier...

Interviewer obviously did not know Stevie and Lindsey were never married (although both of them say they felt like they were married)and Lindsey did not try to correct him about his mistake.

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