Saturday, May 25, 2013

Experts say Fleetwood Mac has eclipsed the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows.

AMERICAN supergroup Fleetwood Mac will tour Australia in November.
Herald Sun

Their summer run Down Under follows their 40-date sell-out US tour which industry experts say has eclipsed the Rolling Stones 50th anniversary shows.

Fleetwood Mac will perform in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks told The Sunday Times: "I'm very excited for the Australian tour and can't wait to get there."

The band has strong ties to Australia.

Nicks and drummer Mick Fleetwood almost moved here.

Nicks thought the Outback might help beat her cocaine habit.

"It was either check into the Betty Ford clinic, or go to Australia and hang out in the desert with my close friend and martial expert Bob Jones and sweat it out," she said. "I rang Bob one night and he said, 'No worries, come over'.

But I ended up getting a spot at Betty Ford."

Fleetwood bought a mansion in Mittagong, NSW.

"I fell in love with Australia on one of the tours, found a place to live, and those days were incredibly crazy," he said.

"It fell apart over a five or six years period, so I didn't end up truly living there. I gave up my green card and fully intended to do this whole thing. In truth, it was too much too soon."

Fleetwood said the home, called Wensleydale, was "an old stately home, a beautiful place".

In a wide-ranging interview with The Sunday Times (HERE), Fleetwood revealed his bizarre list of tour superstitions and drug myths surrounding the band.

But he dismissed US industry reports Fleetwood Mac is thumping the Stones in ticket sales and positive reviews.

"I've heard those reports, too. But I know the lads have decided to go with very expensive seats," he said. "All I know is Fleetwood Mac has been incredibly blessed with a hugely successful tour. We always do good business, but this tour is pretty much sold out before we even got out on the road.

"That is very gratifying. But we should be so lucky to even open for the Rolling Stones."

Tickets go on sale to the general public June 13th, but American Express Cardmembers have the opportunity to purchase tickets first during an exclusive pre-sale beginning 12noon Tuesday June 4.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but why does Mick always have to fuck everything up? The story is about how Fleetwood Mac's tour is even more successful than the Stone's tour is. But Mick actually says at the end that FM would be happy to open for the RS? If I were Lindsey and Stevie I would be VERY MAD!

Anonymous said...

Mick - shut your face!!!! That's absolutely the WORST thing a bandleader could have said. Mick - just for your own reference, THIS is what you should say when someone tells you that the Fleetwood Mac tour is more successful than the Rolling Stones tour - I think we in FM all feel lucky for our success and we wish the RS all the success in the world.

Anonymous said...

This incredibly positive headline needs to be read. It's THE tour of the year. Just heard them at the Hollywood Bowl. Fleetwood Mac is once again the premiere band in the world - absolutely sensational! We could hear the crowd ROARING for them - very moving and wonderful....

Anonymous said...

Whatever any of us thought of this tour (I was dubious), it's been a SPECTACULAR success for the band. They are taking victory laps and performing brand new material (SAD ANGEL) equal to their legendary best.

Anonymous said...

If you were opening for the Rolling Stones, I'd come see you and then leave after that. You put on a MUCH better show. I've seen both groups within the year and the Rolling Stones I left feeling like they are washed up while Fleetwood Mac is so much stronger and BETTER and has so many more years left of great music. I left the Fleetwood Mac show feeling like I couldn't wait to look at the tour schedule and buy another ticket.

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