Thursday, May 16, 2013

STEVIE NICKS, DAVE STEWART Documentary IN YOUR DREAMS to play Oklahoma's DeadCENTER Film Fest

Stevie Nicks, Dave Stewart | Documentary Feature
Stevie Nick: In Your Dreams
Grand Lawn at the Myriad Gardens, 9:30 PM Sunday, June 9, 2013
300 West Sheridan Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK
** Note: This is a free screening.

DeadCenter Film Festival

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The film documents the making of her In Your Dreams album, which she did with Dave Stewart, and Stevie says she hopes the film will

 "make you want to listen to the real album because a lot of people didn't even know I had a record out. You know, that's how the music business is today."
Album Available on iTunes

The Documentary plays tonight in Calgary, Alberta Canada at Globe Cinema at 7pm and 9pm.  Stevie and Fleetwood Mac are now making their way through Canada with a show in Calgary on Friday and Vancouver on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Sharon was absolutely gorgeous. She didn't need any plastic surgery...

Anonymous said...

That pic, Stevie has her eyes open and looks alert. Haven't seen that even once this tour. It's like she's sleeping on stage.

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