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REVIEWS: Fleetwood Mac Live in Copenhagen at Park Oct 8, 2009

(Translated Review)
Singer Stevie Nicks was due to poor acoustics are not the expected strong role. Therefore came counterparty Lindsey Buckingham to fill up too much.

Park: Fleetwood Mac
Thursday evening
By PETER Schollert

You could not criticize the four members of the famous Fleetwood Mac for not wanting to do their work.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie, who has been part of the Anglo-American group in over 40 years, worked conscientiously to provide a solid background in the events in more than two-hour concert.

Frontman Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham gave both indicated that they were happy to get started with a European tour in the park.

Stevie Nicks revealed even that she had spent several days in the Danish capital, impatient to tackle the first show, where she ended up dedicated "Landslide" to "Kaa legs HAG gene".

Lydfolk failed
Actually you would think that Nicks and Buckingham would complement each other optimally. They are after a long career still talented singers and different types of performers. The reality was, unfortunately, there was an imbalance in large parts of the show.

Lydfolk band that clearly had not prepared himself well enough on the concrete block park, must assume much of the blame.

For the Buckingham penetrated clear through from the beginning, it was deep in concert hard to get the optimal experience of Nicks' song talks, which is so crucial to the experience of the American group.

While Lindsey Buckingham is the cash, extroverted vocals, Nick is much more poetic and sometimes almost introverted singer.

And so it was good so not that many times found it difficult to hear what she sang.

Thus came her otherwise beautiful classics "Dreams," "Gypsy" and "Rhiannon" and "Sarah" not to leave the strongest impression, and so was the audience did not really necessary unlike many Lindsey Buckingham - and repeatedly Long - guitar solos.

Sweaty red shirt
Best, he was the head of the powerful collective performance "Tusk" and "one man show" Big Love ", where his fingers houses already hectic and with confidence on the guitar while the rest of the body boiled over, with his red jacket in leather jacket was even more wet with sweat.

The performance was not in doubt that it more than any other is the energy bundle Buckingham, who keeps in Fleetwood Mac.

Since the show would culminate with the monster hit "Go Your Own Way" could not help noticing that Buckingham was about to be worn. He seemed breathless and had to shout out words.

It would undoubtedly have benefited his vocal and durability if the fifth member from the commercially strongest period - 1975 to 1987 - had been on the scene.

But singer and songwriter Christine McVie, who with his dark voice gave Fleetwood Mac's melancholy expression and personal clout, has now a dozen years had opted out of the group.

Her role as the group's third full vocalist was missing, not least when the group finally came to grips with McVies largest Fleetwood Mac hit "Do not Stop."

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(Translated Review)
Fleetwood Mac worked his way to victory
By Erik Jensen, music editor

Fleetwood Mac turned accomplished nostalgia for a straightforward victory after working a little hesitant start in the park.

No fancy effects. No modern hits. No other show or dance numbers. None lir. Just music.

And a band that honestly stood by himself and his history with explanations about how strange it really is that there has been so good music out of an 'emotional chaos'.

Fleetwood Mac in the park and invited the kitsch adverts for airline Cimber Air on a journey back in time to when music on its own terms was enough to entertain 20,000 people.

But in this case it was not just for fun.

Not just golden genhør

From the start in a rather tight-lipped 'Monday Monday', it was clear that Fleetwood Mac represents the nostalgia of the purest sort, but does so without irony to distance himself and the grandiose past.

The four members of the band, who together have been through a tough divorce and a heyday, and they invited guest musicians, all went to the task of standing in the interaction and energy.

Especially singer and guitarist Lindsay Buckingham performed with a vitality and commitment which he would convince every one of us that these beautiful melodic songs still mean something and not just golden genhør.

There was also something to work with in the park.

Fireworks festival to end
First was the sound in the beginning a little muddy, and it took its time before it was mature audiences into the concert and began to show it enthusiasm, which in turn was top notch, as the concert turned into a pure celebration of the closing fireworks of the classics that everyone knows.

Perhaps without knowing that it's Fleetwood Mac, who is behind them?

In the British-American band, despite an archetypal rock history with internal problems with drugs, booze and divorce in the two relationships, which represented the band in its heyday, always anonymous.

Almost as a kind lydtæppe from then just melody, melodic musical life, and profits were not enough.

It is still - at least for some, and if it is well to note delivered with a commitment, as happened Thursday evening.


More than a successful and melodious acoustic chamber, where the sound was directed up and approached some of the best we have witnessed in the park with songs like 'Sara', which ended with a hug between available spouses Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham.

Departed the ring despite it could not conceal the fact that both have lost a little of the vocal brilliance.

Why it was necessary to slide into a labor victory, which is largely came in the house thanks to riveting guitar playing from Buckingham, the example 'Oh Well' and 'Big Love' served solos so vital and noble that you would think he would defy age and wear.

Drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John Mc Vie closely followed suit, as there was eventually rocket through the 'Go Your Own Way' and extra tracks 'World Turning' and 'Do not Stop'.

As the concert nevertheless did. But it came with dignity, and while the going was still good even better.

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