Saturday, October 10, 2009

REVIEW: FLEETWOOD MAC Live in Copenhagen October 8, 2009

(Translated Review)

Purely criminal sleepy Fleetwood Mac
Parken, Copenhagen
Attendance: 18,000 (40 000).
Av Per Hägred

BEST: Tomorrow Danish head à la Zlatan here.
WORST: For a long time since the sound was so bad in the park.

One, two, three, Zzzzzzzz ...
Grandfather Fleetwood count in the band.
Goes like that.
Nobody will ever accuse this dinosaur to steal Ramones bang on rödbetan concept outright.

In short, the European premiere of "Unleashed" - the tour starts very sleepy. Disturbing sleepy. If not purely criminal sleepily. As if the whole concert is on the way to a couch near an afternoon nap. An impression is reinforced by the whole of the presentation where it is sent tracklist in advance with additional numbers and everything.

Fleetwood Mac is the way, like a bedroom farce. A piece like that where they open and close the doors of the party and the minute. Doors have been wide open in Fleetwood Mac, and members have been able to come and go and styles of music has slipped in and out a bit anyway. It has even been flattened between two continents. Only Mick Fleetwood is the original band that played British blues (better than anyone else), but now it's mostly about sun-ripened pop that never leave California.

The Fleetwood Mac that I love most are represented by a song: "Oh well". And - well, well - I do not think super guitarist Peter Green really like the slaughter of his masterpieces.

This is the group's first tour in five years, but they have not managed to scrape together enough songs to fill a new plate without digging into greatest-hits-sac.

Naturally, I dig out the old scratched LPs that really lies buried under layers of dust. Stevie Nicks dig out "Landslide" from the self-titled disc from 1975. As the beginnings of an acoustic party. Then it will be good. Unusual "Storm" is also deleted. On the whole, this is Stevie Nicks show now that Christine McVie with the right age have retired.

But there are bounties on the Megan Buckinhamns solo in "I'm so afraid."


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to learn English before he even tries to slam the band....

Anonymous said...

what's with all this negative vitriol towards this gr8 band? the mac are an awesome band live! u need to chill dude!

Anonymous said...

i can't wait for the band 2 make it down under! australia and new zealand will warmly welcome the mac with open arms. enough already of this icy nordic nrgativity!

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