Tuesday, October 13, 2009

(REVIEW) Fleetwood Mac Live in Oberhausen October 12, 2009

By: Arnold Hohmann
Photo: Ralf Rottmann
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Has this man had something in the coffee? Lindsey Buckingham at least hops howls from across the stage like a little devil, and on into the microphone, prowling around like a panther, the guitar at the ready. My God, this giant with the high narrow forehead is, after all, already 60th But that he is still at the Benjamin Fleetwood Mac, who filled in the Arena Oberhausen on Monday night almost.

Buckingham is anything like the heartbeat of this band, which he once went for a long time back. Meanwhile, however, is nothing without him: While the other seniors give up on occasion, to regenerate in the restroom, B. Lindsey is the whole time on stage. Because he alone and his guitar, from which he ejecting the riffs with great nonchalance, are an event. It may even happen that the man was playing such a rage that he is capable on the mic, only to Gutturallauten while with his right hand almost fainted eindrischt on his instrument. One might almost think he had something sexual with that string part.

Everything just for show, of course, but a bit of musical madness that may already resonate. Finally, in one of his song titles are not in vain, "I Go Insane". While previous drummer Mick Fleetwood (62) tends to the old blues roots, John McVie (64) only faithfully plucking his bass, and consumes Stevie Nicks (61) from the shimmering glory of their early songs is still the most creative in the Buckingham community of fate. On his solo records, he is rehearsing the musical minimalism, from which he knows with great force shaping sheer drama.

When Fleetwood Mac five years ago, last played at this place, they had a new album ( "Say You Will") in the back, which gave the sound a new freshness. Strangely, this plate is from this time nothing to hear, one is taken up with the "Unleashed" tour rather to deliver a best-of-concert, but loosened up with some woefully neglected pieces and a few solo tracks. Already the first song is a successful √úberrumpelungsversuch: "Monday Morning" collapsing upon formally through the unprepared audience, attended by a great light circus.

Loudly and violently, it usually stays on that evening. Fleetwood thresh angry with her eyes wide open on his drums as if he wanted to punish her for that even someone like him needs to be older. McVie, who are unremarkable, even gets a bass solo and needs to come shortly from the cover - for him, almost an act of self-exposure.

And Mrs. Nicks, suspiciously wrinkle-free, nor would most like to stand still dancing from the ground, which seems to hold them but more than before. Speaking earlier: One is very talkative that night, says ready to "difficult relationships in turbulent times", a "complicated and emotional band history. In other words, it already had in the 1970s, each with something to everyone. But today they do not share a damn strong music.

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