Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spotlight: Stevie Nicks Las Vegas Magazine 2 Full Pages

Stevie Nicks is featured in the May 8th edition of Las Vegas Magazine on 2 full pages promoting her appearance at Caesars May 14th. [click images to enlarge]

Tickets are still available if you are in town.  It's a beautiful venue to see Stevie in.


instead of writing a book said...

Aren't they promoting the wrong album (2nd pic, lower left)? hmmm* Just a little worried about the tour or lack there of. Five shows..still. I'm getting squeemish. I flew to Phoenix to see Heart and Soul so I would really love to see her add some new dates....a bit closer. hee*

Anonymous said...

Oh wow her Soundstage at the bottom Really ??? Someone screwed that up big time !

Anonymous said...

It's a great photo and her most recent DVD, so why not stick it in the ad. Don't see a prob with that!

Anonymous said...

Besides, she was using that photo for the Rod tour anyway.

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