Saturday, May 14, 2011

(Video) Stevie Nicks Interview... In depth on 'Secret Love'... Sort of


Anonymous said...

I WISH STEVIE WOULD DITCH" LANDSLIDE" FOR "NEW ORLEANS" on Dancing - WE ALL LOVE LANDSLIDE WE and ALL KNOW LANDSLIDE BUT "NEW ORLEANS' is such a strong, inspired song it deserves a chance - and Stevie has to be strong in introducing these songs - WE LOVE THESE SONGS, STEVIE!!!!!! LISTEN TO US!!! WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IN YOUR DREAMS!!!! please perform these songs for us!!!! they inspire us!! please sing them, Sweet Girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

Does Stevie REALLY think that the ONE person who copied the "Secret Love" demo from her original cassette actually sat on it for years and years and then put it on YouTube. She's got to know that Secret Love has been widely circulated among her fans for years. It was on the original Almanac bootleg back in the late 70's. Also, it was obviously recorded on the same night as the Storms demo and Love You Enough Demos. Same keyboard, same ambience. We've never heard her use the same keyboard before or since. These were recorded in between Rumours tour and the making of the Tusk record. God bless her...Her memory isn't very sharp at all.

Tony said...

I was thinking Italian Summer would be perfect for DWTS...the orchestration, sweeping elegance-- fits ballroom dance perfectly. That show gets great ratings and this might tap into a demo she has never reached before.

Anonymous said...

I also bought the Fleetwood Mac bootleg double album "Almanac" in Greenwich Village in NYC in early 1979, and it was mostly Stevie demos. Not only did it have "Secret Love", but it also had
"Storms" with drums from the not released Tusk
"That's Alright" misnamed "Designs of Love" from Mirage
"Candelbright" from Shangri La, misnamed "Nomad"
"Sorcerer" from Shangri La
"Watchdevil" a great song Stevie should put on a CD
"Without You" a great song with Lindsey singing
"Goldfish and Ladybug"
"Garbo" misnamed "You Could Forget"
"Cathouse Blues" with funny lyrics
and other songs also.

Anonymous said...

I have loved Stevie since I was a mere boy. As I've grown old with her in my life she has always been a comfort to me.
When I recovered several years after she did I have just loved her open heart even more a day at a time,
I recently hears Sheryl Crow say "You must learn to love the things you find loveable anf find compassion for the things you don't."
I'm sure being friends she has shared that with Stevie or Stevie shared it with her.
I love them both but Stevie will always be my Queen...

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