Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Second Week US Sales for "In Your Dreams" and Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours"

[update May 18th] Stevie's album will land at #16 on Billboard Magazine's Top 200 in it's 2nd week - not #17 as Hits Daily Double suggested.  Total sales numbers yet to be confirmed by Billboard.

Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" second week sales in the US = 20,055. Hits Daily Double is showing the album drops down to # 17 with a 57% decrease in sales - which is somewhat typical for classic artists to take a dive in the second week.

Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" album that sprang back onto the Top 200 Album Charts in the US last week at # 11 with roughly 30k in sales will be at approx. # 38 on the Billboard chart when it's published later this week. Sales for this past week as reported by Hits Daily Double are 12,072 which is really impressive for an album 34 years old.


Tony said...

Still top 20 which is great considering she only has a top 20 a/c single pushing her cd.
Dancing with the Stars should help next week sales. Really needs another single and video quick. Trouble being which one?
Moonlight to top 40 stations
Annabel Lee to a/c
For What Its Worth to country
Then there's New Orleans, Wide Sargasso Sea, Italian Summer and...and...and...

Anonymous said...

MOONLIGHT is the popular hit off this record - i know because i play it constantly and even sing it to people in the bars of Silverlake - it's a very peculiar and hard to categorize song - just as Stevie's first hits were - as is Italian Summer, which i just played for a friend whom i pulled into the car and played LOUD off my new IYD cd....expose this record to people and it will take off...Christ! must we remind people that FLEETWOOD MAC took exactly ONE YEAR to reach #1!!!!!!! No one remebers that Warm Ways was actually the 1st single off FM and it flopped.....IYD is a great record - that's the important thing...

Anonymous said...

i think song number 11 is a big hit

Anonymous said...

"Moonlight" and "In Your Dreams" have been getting downloads on iTunes. They're widely tapped as the best possibilities for next single on The Ledge (a Fleetwood Mac fan site) as well.

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