Friday, May 13, 2011

Heart & Soul By The Numbers... (2 New additions) Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart

Billboard Magazine published their most recent listing of the top tours reported to them by promoters... The Billboard Boxscore totals this week included the Vancouver and Phoenix stops on The Heart and Soul tour and they ranked # 9 and # 10.

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Anonymous said...

I love how they are fudging the numbers for Boston. The Garden's capacity is a few hundred shy of 20,000. I was at Boston show (8th row, almost center; two seats remained empty in my row!) and it was about 65% full. I've been going to events at The Garden since the '70s, and the includes many Fleetwood Mac shows as far back as Oct. 1987. I hope she doesn't continue to tour with Stewart. He was an embarrassment who let his army of background singers do all the heavy lifting on a bunch of great songs he didn't write (all his great '70s covers that people think he wrote) and the crappy songs he contributed some lyrics (crap like Hot Legs),.

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