Monday, May 16, 2011

STEVIE NICKS Live at The Wiltern in Los Angeles - TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE!

On Thursday May 26th the historic Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles will play host to a live and intimate performance by Stevie Nicks.  
Dave Stewart has confirmed he'll be there.. which means new tunes in the set... Should be interesting and FUN!  Stevie in a somewhat small intimate setting.. How great does that sound?

Get Tickets at Live Nation
US $38.50 - US $102.50
US $38.50 Ticket + US $12.50 Fees = US $51.00
US $102.50 Ticket + US $18.25 Fees = US $120.75


Anonymous said...

tickets are still avialable, that's not good

Anonymous said...

There are no tickets left. Ticketmaster is sold out. I just checked.

Anonymous said...

i live in L.A. and i am a life long Stevie fan - in fact i sang MOONLIGHT to people tonight at the Eagle in Silverake - a capella - and they loved it - however, i cannot afford these prices - i last saw Stevie on the Street Angel tour at House of Blues - historic for the fact that that this was the concert where she said she'd never again perform due to her weight - drama, drama, drama - i also saw her with FM on the Mirage tour in 1982 - my mother and I had a bitter and pivotal fight over whether i could attend this concert - i won out because i earned my own money to see them - but my defiance definitely amounted to a black mark against me - incidentally, they were so WONDERFUL it was worth it to me - sorry i can't see Stevie at the Wiltern - so close and yet so far....

Anonymous said...

There are very few $102 tickets left. They were sold out yesterday, then more became available today. Now they seem to be gone again. Hopefully I can get some

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