Thursday, November 10, 2011

Download: Interview #3 with Stevie Nicks in Australia - with Richard Stubbs ABC Melbourne

774 ABC Melbourne Interview with Stevie Nicks
Musical legend Stevie Nicks joined Richard Stubbs for a chat, ahead of her shows in Melbourne. She is back on the road touring with Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame. Citing the past two years as the happiest of her life she chatted to Richard about what songwriting is like for her now, and why 'Glee' has propelled her into the spotlight once again - not that she ever really left!

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Anonymous said...

I wonder why Stevie didn't correct Richard Stubbs' constant reference to her new album as "Secret Love". Was it because she didn't want to embarrass him, or herself, even draw attention to it in the first place?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if it was that or maybe the song "Secret Love" has been more of a hit in Australia, and that's why he was saying that.

Anonymous said...

Was the album retitled "Secret Love" there?

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