Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: Stevie Nicks Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne by Everguide

Stevie Nicks 'In Your Dreams' Tour, Myer Music Bowl, Nov 19

Back in the coke-hazy days (daze) of Fleetwood Mac’s prime, Stevie Nicks was spinning around long before our Kylie. Dressed in trademark long, flowing skirts and draped shawls, there were few things more captivating than Nicks’ whirling dervish routine.

At age 63, we can hardly blame Nicks for being less nimble on her feet these days, but the closest approximation to a twirl on Saturday night was more of a stop-start rotating shuffle that might’ve been achieved faster with the help of a walker. 

Ironically, it was this stiff movement that perhaps best encapsulated what was great about the show. Nicks is no longer capable of what she once was, twirls and high notes included. But goshdarnit, she’s going to try her damndest to hit them anyway, and for this, and for all the magic she has gifted us with in years past, fans will remain loyal to this long-haired battleaxe til the bitter end. 

Opening with the synthy, Prince-y 'Stand Back' seemed a case of peaking way too early. But Nicks quickly warned the crowd that this would not be a greatest hits set. If the name of the tour didn’t give it away already, she was here to promote her new album, In Your Dreams, released earlier this year.

It’s a surprisingly good album too, her best solo effort in years, and most were only too happy to indulge her as she showcased some of her favourite tracks from the record (though, to her credit, and in spite of her disclaimer, a healthy dose of her hits were given almost equal airing). 

by: Annabel Ross

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Anonymous said...

I thought this reviewer calling Stevie a long haired battleaxe was insulting. Maybe this means something different in Australia. They should be grateful that Stevie blessed them with such a long tour there. Apparently it is not appreciated. Instead they call her a battleaxe, complain about her hair and the fact that she is too lazy to change her stage clothes. Well, in the US she does change her stage clothes and she twirls just fine.

Anonymous said...

This writer does not appear to realize how gifted and talented Miss Nicks is. I have this particular show 2x on this current tour and thought she was GREAT!!!! This idiot can't see what a beautiful, talent Stevie Nicks is and always will be!!!!

Anonymous said...

battleaxe! that's not a term we use here in australia!!!!!!!!!!!
stevie is adored world wide & has always had a huge following in australia!
australia loves stevie rest assured!
the interviewer was just trying to be smart and it backfired!!

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