Friday, June 14, 2013

VIDEO: Mick Fleetwood, John Good build, Mick's Fleetwood Mac 2013 touring kit + Was "Shut Us Down" The Original Show Closer?

This is cool! 
Mick Fleetwood's "The Cherry Picked"

Ever wonder what it would be like to develop your next Custom DW Drum Kit with John Good? This in-depth story takes you from start-to-finish as Mick and John discuss, develop, build, and play Mick's 2013 Fleetwood Mac touring kit. Mick said it best, "The Cherry is on top, and the Cherry has been picked."

What's also interesting is when the camera picks up on the set list hanging on Mick's drums... Looks like Lindsey's "Shut Us Down" was in consideration to close the show. Plus Mick mentions upwards to 18 months on the road... That would indicate there may be more to come in 2014.  This video was shot during rehearsals so obviously loads could have changed since then.


Anonymous said...

very interesting

TechmasterPEBFan said...

Thank you for this informative video and the great pictures. For me, this helps me to understand more of the explosive style that is Mick Fleetwood. DW is without a doubt the best drum maker. When you combine the two together (Mick Fleetwood and DW), some very amazing things happen.

Mick, I love watching you play. You're my inspiration and my favorite drummer. God bless you Sir!

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