Monday, June 17, 2013

Lindsey Buckingham Spotted in Boston Area at Dave Matthews Gig

Photo: Brandi Carlile
Spotted last night (June 16th) at the Dave Matthews Band live show in Mansfield, MA at Comcast Center.  Brandi is opening for Dave Matthews

"Look who I found backstage at the Dave Matthews Band concert!!
I was going to eat dinner but I completely geeked out and asked for a picture instead!
I LOVE Lindsey Buckingham and I LOVE Fleetwood Mac!
Go Your Own Way! Yeah!
What a great night.
Thanks Dave!


Anonymous said...

love to see him out and about, enjoying life and getting around so much :)

Anonymous said...

Love Lindsey, He is a fabulous showman, guitarist and singer.Saw them in Orlando. Was very disappointed when they didn't perform here on this tour. Love You Anyway!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ugh. not a fan of the DMB.

Brian said...

See you in mansfield ma. friday nite lindsey!!!

Anonymous said...

WEIRD! Are Mac hubbing out of mansfield or boston this week for Albany and Tweeter?

Anonymous said...

They generally Hub out of Boston for all shows down to DC and as far as some mid west shows when in Northeast. Life can be simpler that way when you "Fly In" to work!! You get to stay in same suite for a while.

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