Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lady Antebellum and Stevie Nicks on Crossroads was "Golden" (Full Episode Available On-Line)

If you are in the U.S. and don't have CMT as part of your cable package.... You can catch the full episode of Crossroads with Stevie Nicks and Lady Antebellum at  PLUS there are bonus video tracks of "Just A Kiss", Cold As Stone and Gold Dust Woman HERE

What a show! What a great pairing of artists!  I'm a fan of Lady A and knew from the time this was announced that this would be outstanding... So many goose bump moments hearing the four of them sing and harmonize together... Just spectacular!  Favourite moment... "Golden"  Beautiful song!  

This program is way too short.. It could easily be a 90 minute program!  With the songs performed live that didn't make the show, maybe we'll be lucky and see this released on DVD or VOD.  In the show you'll hear: Edge of Seventeen, Love Don't Live Here, Need You Now, Landslide, Golden, Stop Draggin' My Heart Around and Rhiannon.



Droo said...

WHY can't I view this in CANADA??!?? Nonsense!

Frances W. White said...

What a Combo!

Nickslive said...

Canadians can view it now... Thanks to Youtube

Anonymous said...

Yea it definitely should have been 90 minutes. It was a bit lopsided, and I'm a Stevie fan. Four of her big hits, and only three Lady Antebellum songs, only one of which was a hit. Why didn't they include "Just A Kiss"?

And they should have left out where Stevie says she spent three months listening to their albums. It inadvertently makes is seem like she never knew their music and only learned it when she found out this show was happening.

Anonymous said...

I wish they hadn't have performed Stop Draggin' My Heart Around. Since it's been transposed to an unflattering lower key since 2001, it's lost all of its magic! They should have done Silver Springs instead, with them all sharing a part of the lead vocal. It would have been *KILLER*.

Unknown said...

This show was fantastic!! I want to buy a cd with all the music! Please release something for us to enjoy over and over again!!

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