Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Stevie Nicks interview: 'Lindsey and I remember how much fun we had"’ - The Sunday Telegraph

Stevie Nicks is 65 and back on tour with Fleetwood Mac. The iconic rock star talks to Craig McLean about addiction, Botox and the burying of hatchets

Read the interview below or at The Sunday Telegraph 

In print, look for the Stella Magazine inside the September 15th edition of The Sunday Telegraph (UK)


Unknown said...

Too bad you can't read the article.

Nickslive said...

There's a direct link to the article:

Anonymous said...

Jared, you can. If you click on the pictures.

Nickslive ROCKS.

Emily Franz said...

I am desperate...can someone please lead me to a video I watched of Stevie Nicks being interviewed recently...probably within the last 10 months or so. Specifically, she talks of her mother convincing her to just 'say she's sorry' to Lindsay Buckingham...or to just imply forgive each other. This was something her mother inspired her to do before she died. I so desperately want to find this interview. Any chance you may know which one it is and lead me to it?

Thanks....I'm including my email address in case anyone reading this might know of this video. I can't seem to find it any where.....I'm so frustrated.


Nickslive said...

Here's the video Emily: And here's the Transcript

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