Monday, September 16, 2013

Jane Garvey's Interview w/ Stevie Nicks aired at 10am UK Time BBC Radio 4 "Woman's Hour" LISTEN Here

Woman's Hour BBC Radio 4
BBC's Jane Garvey interviewed Stevie Sep 13th for her "Woman's Hour" program on BBC Radio 4. The show with Stevie will air on Monday, Sept 16th at 10am UK time.

Stevie told Jane Garvey during the interview that Christine WILL be performing with Fleetwood Mac during the UK Tour setting off a firestorm of on-line activity over the weekend.  Listen in on Monday to find out exactly to what extent!

Jane Garvey's show airs weekdays 10-11am and Saturdays 4-5pm.  Website to listen on-line

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MplsMike said...

This is a good interview. The usual obligatory topics are covered but some other things as well. The interplay between Stevie and the interviewer was great.

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