Monday, September 16, 2013

"Stevie Nicks would like to play in Italy" - Mick Fleetwood told Gigwise [Video]

Mick Fleetwood spoke with Gigwise about Glastonbury and doing more work in interesting places...

When gigwise asked drummer Mick Fleetwood if the band had any plans to play festivals next summer.

"I hope so, I would love that," he said. "This has been a tough year on the road, but having said that, the boys in the band are hoping that our lady will think kindly about doing a few of the festivals." 

He continued:

"We've been thinking of doing some more work in interesting places. On this tour we didn't play in Italy, but Stevie said 'ah, I'd like to play in Italy' and I said 'well, maybe we can', so we were joking about that. 

"We were asked to do some lovely festivals this year and it didn't work out. Once you do the festivals then you can't really do a tour of the other towns. We were asked to do Glastonbury this year and hopefully they'll ask us again." 

When asked about the possibility of playing Glastonbury 2014, Fleetwood replied:

"I don't know - they've probably got fed up of asking us!"

Check out the video at Gigwise by Andrew Trendell

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