Friday, September 20, 2013

Photos | Review | Setlist: Fleetwood Mac Live in Dublin...

O2 ARENA - September 20, 2013

Photos by Kieran Frost Photography

Here's what we know about Dublin - night #1

- Christine McVie did NOT perform with Fleetwood Mac tonight in Dublin - But there's always tomorrow.
- No change to the setlist vs the North American setlist.
- Tour Books are now available at the Merchandise stands - filled with lots of live shots taken during the North American leg of the tour.
- The Irish had a good time!

“The Mac… Is Back”…
Radio Nova

…screams Mick Fleetwood in his very fine and grand British accent which after so many years on the other side of the Atlantic shows no signs of softening.

With that he turns and walks off stage wearing a red top hat… And that was that.

Fleetwood Mac had indeed been back! For just under 3 hours!

Dublin is the first stop of their European tour and the O2 was jumping from start top finish.

The show does take a bit of a “storytellers” feel at times with some story telling and even friendly banter/arguing from Stevie Nicks & Lindsey Buckingham. (They’re just GOOD friends!)

I won’t go into setlists, but you will not be disappointed.

There are some really nice acoustic moments in the middle with Lindsey alone on stage giving his all.. including some great “blue steel” looks straight into the spotlight!

Expect one or two new tunes, some solo Stevie, some solo Mick and not one word from John McVie! Oh, Saturday goers could have that ‘surprise’ appearance from Christine Mc to look forward to.

The band seemed genuinely thrilled to play our capital city again, very appreciative of us coming out and  spending our hard earned on tickets for their show and they put one on!

Clocking about 2 hours 55 mins, it does end on a quiet note with Stevie and Lindsey playing ‘Say Goodbye’, acoustically, which Lindsey wrote for Stevie, after everything they had been through as a couple and as bandmates.

But remember:


Here's an example of one of the covers of the tour book.. Note that they flipped Mick and John around.

01. Second Hand News
02. The Chain
03. Dreams
04. Sad Angel
05. Rhiannon
06. Not That Funny
07. Tusk
08. Sisters of the Moon
09. Sara
10. Big Love
11. Landslide
12. Never Going Back Again
13. Without You
14. Gypsy
15. Eyes Of The World
16. Gold Dust Woman
17. I'm So Afraid
18. Stand Back
19. Go Your Own Way

Encores #1
20. World Turning
21. Don't Stop

Encore #2
22. Silver Springs
23. Say Goodbye

Photo by Michael Murphy

Photo by @finlaydee | Photo by Emma Comerford

Photo by Jillkeene | Photo by Simon Kelly

Photo by Aul lads at funerals


Anonymous said...

The encores are listed wrong on the setlist. There is already a clip on YouTube showing that they went offstage after "Don't Stop" and came back for "Silver Springs", the same way they did the US tour after the first night. They did 2 and then 2, not 3 and 1.

Anonymous said...


Where can we buy them online?

Are they out there yet?


Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what time they came onstage at last night? I'm going tonight

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me what time they came onstage at last night? I'm going tonight

Anonymous said...

They came on stage at 20:20 hrs, and left after 23:00 hrs brilliant concert, you will not be disappointed fantastic,

Anonymous said...

Excellent. cannot f*ckin wait

Anonymous said...

Yeah.... just "good" friends.........

alan said...

How much for the tour books?

alan said...

How much for the tour books?

Anonymous said...

How and why did they not perform 'Everywhere'?

Anonymous said...

Because it is a Christine song likely. They only did one of her songs...Dont Stop...which is also party Lindsey's.

Anonymous said...

What is the support band please?

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