Monday, October 28, 2013

Stevie Nicks appearance at the BIFF13 Q&A on November 13th in limbo

The Brisbane International Film Festival released a statement on their Facebook page regarding Stevie's appearance at the upcoming BIFF on November 13th where "In Your Dreams" was scheduled to be screened and Stevie was to attend a Q&A afterwards:

"As you have read, we were sadded to hear that Fleetwood Mac have cancelled their Australian Tour. Our thoughts are with John McVie & his family. #BIFF13 are still in discussions with Stevie Nicks' manager & will share any updates we have with ticket buyers shortly. 

At this stage, we are hopeful that the iconic Stevie Nicks can still attend #BIFF13, however, as you may appreciate, the circumstances have changed drastically from when we embarked on this negotiation. 

We thank you for your understanding. As soon as we have information to share on the status of Stevie Nicks travel committments we'll be in touch. The BIFF Team x"


Anonymous said...

Stevie please we beg you not to cancel your attendance at the BIFF, so many fans here in OZ have booked tickets from all over the country.. we have been waiting so long to see you & your wonderful Doco IYD's.. Were already feeling totally devastated at this point in time, your fans need you to come...

We completely respect & understand that the tour need to be cancelled due to John's serious health issues & praying his treatment is successful & has a speedy recovery.. xx

Anonymous said...

Stevie I agree with the beforehand response and had hoped that you would schedule more viewings of IYD’s doc in other states of Australia. Maybe if you feel that John is getting the treatment that he needs and doesn’t need you to be there then you can come to Australia and show you doc and then we can also buy it here as at the moment it is blocked from being purchased.

All our hearts pray with John and his family and friends and we wish him a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how selfish you sound? Begging Stevie to leave a long time friend that was just diagnosed with cancer so you can see In Your Dreams?

Anonymous said...

I am sure John would not want to stop any family member or friend from still carrying out their career and would know that they all would be thinking about him or there with him if he wanted them to be.

I am sure the word beg was not meant to be said as it was. We will all respect whatever Stevie’s decision will be.

Anonymous said...

The thing is we as fans do not know the extent of John's cancer. We should not assume Stevie should do anything. You can beg all you want but she's going to play it the way her heart tells. Stop demanding so much from her. The band is being silent so I do not take this as a good thing. I understand your desire to see her but, remember who made her the star she is..
I know she is. She may have pissed and moaned about Fleetwood Mac over the years but, that Band is very special to her.

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