Thursday, October 17, 2013

"Stevie Nicks gives Rhiannon a slightly supernatural element in her ability to enrapture us"

By Kelsea Stahler

On Wednesday night, a rumor that plagued Stevie Nicks in the 1980s returned. Misty Day (Lily Rabe), one witch of many on American Horror Story: Coven, states matter of factly that of course, Nicks is a famous witch and that one of the Fleetwood Mac songs she wrote, "Rhiannon," is her witchy anthem. This would be a funny little quirk, like watching Michael Jackson jokingly play himself as an alien in Men in Black II, if Nicks hadn't spent a great deal of the '80s trying to squash this very real rumor, only to see it trotted back out for the purposes of a campy horror TV show. As it turns out, Nicks gave Ryan Murphy permission to use her. But it's important for the younger folks out there (you know, the ones who, like Zoe, only know Nicks as that mentor from American Idol), Stevie is not actually a witch or a practicing Wiccan, however great her aesthetic may be for AHS' purposes.

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By Lori Rackl

Rumors about Stevie Nicks being a witch have hounded the singer-songwriter for years, so it’s little surprise the writers of “American Horror Story: Coven” have woven the long-time Fleetwood Mac songstress into this season’s storyline.

In Wednesday night’s episode, “Rhiannon” plays in the background in Misty’s cabin, where Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) has brought her Frankenstein of a boyfriend, Kyle (Evan Peters).

“Who sings this?” Zoe asks Misty.

“Who sings it?” Misty asks with the incredulity adults use on children oblivious to pop culture facts that pre-date them.

“Fleetwood Mac,” Misty continues, looking at a photo of the bewitching singer. “Stevie Nicks is my hero.”

“That’s Stevie Nicks from ‘American Idol?’” Zoe asks. (I love the humor so far this season.)

“Stevie Nicks. The White Witch. The only witch before you I’ve ever known,” Misty says.

“She’s an actual witch?” asks Zoe.

“Listen to the lyrics,” Misty says wistfully. “This song was her anthem.”

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Man of Honor said...

Im happy about all this.... I think it was a genius move be it intentional or not. AHS is super hot right now and its great publicity. All the sane Stevie fans know the scoop and that is the core album/ticket consumer(including the sane, like me, that just like to entertain a small lingering hope she is a Goddess living out one mortal lifetime as a product of some mythological mix-up). Oscar Wilde would remind us that "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." I think the use of the song and all the references will be good for her catalog, on iTunes especially. At least we can all be thankful the buzz is NOT because Stevie dressed in an ill fitting teddy bear unitard and started twerking on Lindsay....

Anonymous said...

I feel completely the opposite. I am surprised that Stevie would be into this. It took her many, many years to totally get rid of the Wicken community truly believing and spreading the word that she was a witch. I would have thought that the last thing she wanted would be to have it start up again towards the end of her long, wonderful career. And sadly I suspect it is for the reasons listed by the above post. To keep her name in the press and ultimately sell more of her music. If that is the case, it is kind of desperate, Lord knows she has enough money by now.

I have no problem with her music ever being used in any way, but to connect her to witchcraft once again all these years later is just pathetic.

Man of Honor said...

American Horror is fiction. To me it's no different then when Stevie worked on the Practical Magic soundtrack. All the promos for the soundtrack had that "witchy" theme.

Unknown said...

I am with Oscar Wilde. Bring Stevie to a new audience!!

Anonymous said...

Go Stevie!

Brian said...

Shes an icon after all these years and if she is fine with it then who cares I love stevie and I back her 110 %!

Anonymous said...

It will just bring her more creepy wierdo fans and aren't those the only ones that like her anyway!!

Anonymous said...

The song lyrics lend themselves to the theme of the TV for it...and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that this show is including Stevie. I think it's wonderful that today's generation (also mine) is just as facinated and in love with Stevie's music as our parents generation. Her music remains timeless, and that's the definition of a true artist. I hope more people my age become exposed to her music and Fleetwood Mac through things like this. Keep on rockin' Stevie!

Gina said...

Love Stevie.. she is royalty to thr music industry an fans alike

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