Wednesday, April 06, 2011

(Review) Stevie Nicks | Rod Stewart - Philadelpha, PA 4/5/11

Photo by: Gilbert Carrasquillo
Rod Stewart, Stevie Nicks take on age differently at Philadelphia show
by John J. Moser

If there’s one thing Tuesday’s concert by Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center proved, it’s that time, indeed, marches on.

But the way each marched made all the difference.

With Stewart now 66 and Nicks turning 63 next month, the two raspy voices that produced an astounding 65 Top 40 hits from 1971-91 are now both significantly diminished – constricted in range and depth.

But while Nicks’ marched has turned into a slower, lighter and – dare I say it, matronly -- step to adjust for the limitations of voice and age, Stewart barreled forward with a damn-the-torpedoes attitude that made his set far more enjoyable, faults and all.

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Appearing in a double-bill last night as part of their Heart & Soul Tour, aging rockers Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks thrilled the capacity Wells Fargo crowd with a series of hits from their heyday.


Debra Lynn Lazar said...

I was there. Stevie was magical and beautiful and ethereal and brilliant and all the other wonderful things we've loved about her for so long. No one should ever take the stage after Stevie. I only watched Rod singing w/her on Leather & Lace, so I can't comment on his show. It was okay. He didn't seem to know the lyrics (like Stevie said, he apparently doesn't like to rehearse) and was certainly no Don Henley. I can't wait to see Stevie again in Atlantic City in a few weeks when no one else will be cramping her style...

Anonymous said...

I thought she looked & sounded beautiful for her age but, was BORING. She didn't engage the crowd well...seemed to be in her own little world up there. Didn't move around a lot or interact much at all.
He was fun, energetic, and the obvious star of the evening! People were on their feet during his entire performance. So glad they made him the headliner and her the opening act. Had I paid the $150 just to see her, I would have been deeply disappointed!

Anonymous said...

She looks amazing here in the not officially released sizzle reel for Dave Stewart's CD.I posted it on the ledge yesterday and today on my and Dave's youtube channels.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2: I agree. Unless you are a die-hard Stevie fan, her shows are almost a total bore. I went with a Stevie fanatic friend to a show 2 years ago, and although good, I would not go out of my way to see her again (yet I do like her music, hence why I come here). She sounds/sings good, but her stage is bland and she doesn't really engage the audience much. Rod is an amazing live performer, not just because of the singing (which he falters on during some songs) but because he really knows how to entertain an audience, even if they aren't a fan of his.

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