Saturday, April 23, 2011

(Video) Lindsey Buckingham ** 2 New Songs** Saban Theatre Beverly Hills

Lindsey Buckingham - Live at Saban Theatre
Beverly Hills, CA
April 22, 2011

Wow! The hair is standing up on my arms listening to this first one! Beautiful!

Videos by: WelshWitchPMD


Debra Lynn Shelton said...

A phenomenal treat. Tx so much for posting these brilliant gems from one of the greatest singer/songwriter/musician/poets of our time.

Max Walter said...

Great new songs and a fun evening for me in Beverly Hills. I drove 500 miles to see this show. However, it was a bit bittersweet for me. First, the volume level was way too high and physically hurt my ears as well as distorted his vocal screams. The same was true at the venue I attended four years ago. If 10 is the maximum level then they play at 10.7. It's regrettable and unnecessary. Because this show was being filmed I thought it would have a very different set list from Live At Bass Hall. In fact, much of it was identical and performed the exact same way but with the new songs added. Since he had not performed in four years I just knew I was going to hear Bel Air Rain and Did You Miss Me. I was hoping to hear Great Day, I Am Waiting, To Try For the Sun, Bleed To Love Her, Street Of Dreams, and Wrong. It just seems wrong that he doesn't do Wrong. He did play All My Sorrows and Treason - curious choices to me. I was glad he played Turn It On again, one of my most favorites. I was hoping he would drop Second Hand News, So Afraid, Tusk, Go Your Own Way, and replace one or more of the opening five solos with other tremendous reworks. So much was excellent as always but... the same as four years ago. Add the painful volume levels and it wasn't what I expected (damned expectations). It's curious as to why they filmed. It seemed a bit of an opportunity lost with the show having so much similarity with Bass Hall. Still, I enjoyed much of the evening and greatly enjoy watching these videos and being back in those moments in time. If I could be any artist, I would be Lindsay Buckingham. I look forward to seeing future opportunities of his extraordinary self expression.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Max. I think he doesn't have that many more years to pump out a lot of that great energy level he's known for. I wish he would have played an entirely new set list (except for GYOW.) Like Max said, the Bass Hall is a work of it's own. Why put it out again?

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