Thursday, April 07, 2011

(Photos) Stevie Nicks & Rod Stewart - NYC April 6th - Madison Square Garden

A few changes in New York City last night... First Stevie wore something a little different for a skirt then she's been wearing lately... Second it doesn't look like she wore the boots all night except for during Rod's set.  Third, she added Rock N Roll back into her set - ending the night rockin' and dropped Fall From Grace.  AND they stuck with Leather and Lace and performed it as a duet during Rod's set.

East coast is done!  Heading west... Next stop Chicago... Oprah taping on Friday... Concert on Saturday.

Here's a photo gallery from last nights show with photos by Laura Cavanaugh
About 60 or 70 shots in all

Stevie's set list...

01. Stand Back
02. Secret Love
03. If Anyone Falls
04. Dreams
05. Sorcerer
06. Gold Dust Woman
07. Rhiannon
08. Landslide
09. Edge of Seventeen


01. Love Is
02. Rock & Roll

Fan Review - Centerfield Maz


Anonymous said...

Looks like she's wearing her old hankerchief hemline chiffon skirt, which always looks better than the petticoat skirt she's been wearing the last few years. The petticoat skirt does not look good onstage and is not flattering to her figure at all, maybe she has finally figured that out.

Anonymous said...

She's got a really young face, but man, those boot things, what up with them! She looks like Granny from the neck down!

Anonymous said...

she's timeless. she's beautiful...

Anonymous said...

Stevie's stage attire is out of control.

It's just not working for her over the past 10 years. With all the money she has, she could have amazing, flattering stage clothes.

And I'll never understand why she insists on the faux boots. If the platform heels are too much these days, have some REAL boots made that WILL work for you. Apparently she's only wearing the platforms in LA, NYC and television appearances these days.

Love the woman to death, but photos from the last several have been really awkward.

Anonymous said...

Right on, to the last poster. Why not some comfortable, flexible faux platforms? My aunt used to say when she was irritated with Stevie, "GET WITH IT, OLD WOMAN!".

Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful no matter what she wears, she has her own style & what boots she wears should not be an issue. She is still VERY talented & in her 60's!

Anonymous said...

The issue is she doesn't wear boots.

She wears leather leg warmers with tennis shoes. If my own mother wore something like that, I'd sit her down for a serious talk...even if she were in her 70s. Old age is NOT an excuse to dress poorly. Joan Rivers is 79 and she's always dressed to perfection.

And 60s are NOT that old. Stevie feels she can still pull off the long blonde hair look, why not dress more youthful/flattering from the neck down. I'm not hatin' on her...I just wish she'd get some fashion advice.

She wears her REAL boots and legit leg warmers for her duets with Rod Stewart and when she's in NYC, LA and on television.

That's not a coincidence you know.

Meire Oliveira said...

she's just and simply amazing!!!!!! My dream is to see her in a concert!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how young and sexy she looks, until you see her full body with those god ugly granny contraption leg warmer boot things. Seriously, just wear flat shoes, stop "trying" to make them look like platform boots. We understand they hurt, we understand you can't wear them like you used to, just wear FLATS!

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