Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Heart and Soul Tour With Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart May Not Be Over!

Days after coming in off the road from his “Heart & Soul” tour with Stevie Nicks, Rod Stewart was back in the studio, recording vocals for his forthcoming blues album with, as he calls him, “his former boss,” Jeff Beck.

In other news...

He and Nicks may also tour together again after their inaugural run of 18 shows. “We got off to a little bit of a shaky start because she’s extremely nervous, a real pro, doesn’t want any mistakes, but I’m just the opposite. I like mistakes in a show, that vulnerability, the element of risk,” Stewart says. “But she was wonderful to work with. She was so great, by the end of the tour, she’d bought all my children a piece of jewelry, the three girl singers in the band jewelry, she bought me a piece of jewelry and what did i buy her? A Jo Malone candle. I felt so cheap!” Given that Stewart has eight children, that’s a considerable amount of jewelry.

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Stevie mentioned the possibility as well in the recent Billboard Article

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