Saturday, April 23, 2011

Lindsey Buckingham Setlist - Saban Theatre - Beverly Hills

First solo show tonight since 2008 for Lindsey and WOW!  Checkout that setlist!!... Looks like Lindsey played 5 or 6 NEW songs from his new album "Seeds We Sow" that Jokerstyle Productions said would be played... "In Our Own Time", "Illumination", "Stars", "End of Time" "The Way Love Goes" and the last song "Seeds"... Some or all of these titles may be abbreviated titles, like the last track might actually be titled "Seeds We Sow".  All of these new tracks are expected on his upcoming album due in September... AND TURN IT ON!!!  COOL STUFF!  

Lindsey puts on a great show... These smaller venues just amplify the experience to another level... and it sounds so great!

Thanks to David Wild and Jokerstyle Productions for the tweets and pics tonight... and to Pattie a Twitter friend for the venue pic!  So much to look forward to with Lindsey's new album... and fall tour... Exciting times ahead!

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