Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Larry Flick on The Morning Jolt Sirius OutQ Channel 109 Interviewed Stevie Nicks last week at the Waldorf in New York City for his show which he aired this morning.  Stevie's promoting the "Live in Chicago" DVD and "The Soundstage Sessions" CD which were released on March 31st.  This is a pretty extensive interview - spanning pretty much her whole career and running for approximately 42 minutes.   Stevie tells Larry about how the filming of the "Live in Chicago" DVD came about,  what it's like being on the road with Fleetwood Mac, the tension between her and Lindsey today and what motivates Stevie to continue on after this many years in the business - asking her if she can ever see a time when she won't be doing any touring.  It was a really interesting interview with your not so run of the mill questions... So thank you Larry!

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Really great interview, he asks some great insiteful questions. I could listen to Stevie's life stories for hours

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