Tuesday, April 05, 2011

HMV UK Reveals Bonus Track for Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams"

1. Secret Love
2. For What It's Worth
3. In Your Dreams
4. Wide Sargasso Sea
5. New Orleans
6. Moonlight (A Vampire's Dream)
7. Annabel Lee
8. My Heart [UK Bonus Track]
9. Soldier's Angel
10. Everybody Loves You
11. Ghosts Are Gone
12. You May Be The One
13. Italian Summer
14. Cheaper Than Free

So.. Are we shocked, surprised, indifferent... HAPPY!? I'm happy! Love the 2001 version that showed up on a german pressing of the album, but it was likely re-recorded with new vocals and maybe a tweek here and there, so who knows what this version if changed will sound like...  Hopefully it's a universal bonus track in all countries.  We'll see!


Anonymous said...

Indifferent. I like the song well enough, but I feel the fans - those who pay close attention - already have a polished, studio produced version, from the TISL german acetate. Sounds like the track Mike C. was referring to last summer, that Stevie pulled out again, and they went in and made it better. But apparently still not good enough to make the final cut. There is also the possibility that this version is the TISL one, That they tacked on as a bonus/b-side, like Stevie did with Mirror, Mirror, When Blue Denim was released. However, that all being said, I will be thrilled with My Heart, if it is indeed 100% improved upon than the TISL outtake we all have. It had plenty of room to improve IMHO. Never a favorite, but glad to have it regardless.

Anonymous said...

Oh, snap out of it, listless, "indifferent" commenter #1. There are enough fans to resonate enough excitement as we wait for her album. "In every moment, there's a reason to carry on!"...

Anonymous said...

Cool! I'm already super excited about the 13 tracks announced. Bonus tracks are just more icing on a delicious cake. I personally hope there are different bonus tracks for UK, US, itunes, Amazon, whatever. The more songs the better!

I like My Heart, but do hope this is a version recorded during the IYD sessions instead of the version already out there. Her voice is in much better shape these days.

Unknown said...

any new tracks from any demos is greatly appreciated. in fact, let's go all out and have all of them in any version PLEASE. on b sides, on official bootlegs, rerecorded. anyway at all. i'm buying it special if this is the case!

Anthony G. said...

I bought TISL the day it was released in 2001, and didn't know of the German version w/ the extra track. I'm excited! I was a little confused, because I always thought that the album was supposed to have 14 tracks to begin with. At least I now know I got the info right. Honestly, I wish there were at least two other "extra tracks" on the new LP: "Have No Heart" and "Call on Me for Magic" also from the TISL sessions, I believe. I think these two songs would be great additions to the "ethereal/Gothic/magic" vibe the overall album has. I wish she would do some sort of poll on what "extras" we would like on the record. That would be EXCELLENT! I do hope we there is an edition that features the CD/DVD combo of the LP and the documentary/movie version of the album. I smell Grammies!

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