Sunday, April 03, 2011

(Review) Heart and Soul Tour - Toronto with Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks give heart, soul to Toronto 
Posted by Bill Bedford
"The crowd were still warming up for much of her set, but the closing double-whammy of "Landslide" and "Edge of Seventeen" got people in the mood. "Landslide"- set against a montage of family photos marking the bittersweet passage of time- had even the middle aged ball cap wearing dudes in the crowd sniffling. It was refreshing in the age of American Idol showboating to hear Nicks' plain, husky tones deliver her songs simply and effectively."
Full Review at with a few eye catching photos by Jordan Keen.

Photo by Jordan Keen

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Anonymous said...

It appeared that the lighting and sound was sabatoged for Stevie Nicks. Up in the nosebleed seats she was mostly incoherent, the drum tom-toms and base drum resonated the whole sound arena and the screen displayed her shadow, in the dark most of the time. This is very common for the "B" band to have done to them so the "A" band looks better...he did.

I figured the arena sound just sucked until Rod Stewart came on and then I realized it was done onpurpose or a group of people running the boards were complete idiots.

Rod Stewart entertained excellently, relaxed and a plesure to watch adn listen to. The background screen displayed an image behind the speaker systems thatdisplayed only his legs most of the time. Two images with the screen saver between them would have been more palatable to more of the crowd. The sound was excellent for the size of the building and suffered very little drum "booming" to muddle the sound.

Very good concert. My crowd left thinking Stevie Nicks sucked and would never seek her again. Very unfortunate, Stewart was a desirable repeat see, for sure and music may be sought for home playing.

I am a fan of both and understanding how some of the concert politics work...she got screwed as the "B" Band usualy does.

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