Sunday, October 09, 2011

Review: Lindsey Buckingham Clearwater, FL

Lindsey Buckingham at the Capitol Theatre, Clearwater 
The Fleetwood Mac singer-guitarist woos an appreciative crowd with tasteful ease.

"It was the night's early, stripped-down readings that gave the clearest insight into the eerie genius that festers inside the brain of Buckingham"

Some believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It's an adage that's proven time and again when a band member with an inflated ego decides to take center stage and fly solo into his or her own career path. More often than not, the results are disappointing and unspectacular. But Lindsey Buckingham obviously doesn't subscribe to that maxim. The guitar virtuoso who has served as an integral part of Fleetwood Mac, arguably one of the hugest and most successful bands of the rock era, has no qualms about breaking away from the enormous Mac machine and basking in the spotlight to show off his many solo talents. A small but passionate crowd of 437 tightly-packed bodies at Clearwater's cozy Capitol Theatre was treated to an intimate evening with Buckingham on Wednesday night and, it's safe to say, it was an evening anyone in attendance won't soon forget. 


Anonymous said...

This was the best performance I have seen in a decade! Does anyone have the song list he played?

Nickslive said...

Setlist was:

01 Shut Us Down
02 Go Insane
03 Trouble
04 Never Going Back Again
05 Big Love
06 Under The Skin
07 All My Sorrows
08 In Our Own Time
09 Illumination
10 Second Hand News
11 Tusk
12 Stars Are Crazy
13 End Of Time
14 That's The Way Love Goes
15 I'm So Afraid
16 Go Your Own Way
17 Turn It On
18 band intros
19 Treason
20 Seeds We Sow

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