Tuesday, July 17, 2012

STEVIE NICKS and DON HENLEY To Perform Together Sept 14th in Vancouver

The evening prior to the Voices In The Park public performance September 15th, there is going to be a ‘backyard gourmet’ private event catered by chef David Hawksworth with an acoustic show by Stevie Nicks and the Eagles’ Don Henley.”

Sarah McLachlan called in a favour with Henley as she has played fundraisers for his Walden Woods Project to prevent the area around Walden Pond from being developed. More artists and information on the Voices in the Park performance will be coming in the next weeks, she says.

Voices In The Park is a live musical event being staged in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC to raise money for Sarah McLachlan School of Music.

Tickets to the September 15th event available at Ticketmaster

The Province


Anonymous said...

An acoustic set?? This could be interesting! Love Don - he is the male version of Ms Nicks!

Anonymous said...

I wish this were the Duo going on tour together this summer. Glad I got a chance to see Stevie solo.

Anonymous said...

yeah! I'd love a don and stevie show over a stevie and rod show.

Anonymous said...

This is music , unheard so far... how awesome is this.. xo

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Don. And no, he is NOT 'the male version of Ms Nicks!"

Anonymous said...

Yes this is the land of freedom of expression for sure. I beg to differ though. Don is the high priest of Rock, he and Stevie share the remarkable gift of turning a phrase into gold and platinum. They are in deed kindred spirits. I often wonder what their child may have become only if.... Guess I won't go there.

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