Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Spare the Rod, Spoil the Nicks

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Vancouver Courier

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because you shouldn’t have to wait twice a week to be offended.

Last week it was announced two heavyweights of classic rock and urban mythology will join forces for one night of sweet music. On April 22, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks perform at Rogers Arena—a one-two punch the likes of which hasn’t been felt since Fantasy Island followed Love Boat on Saturday nights. Besides maximum tune-age and a chance for middle-aged fans to get their feathered-hair groove on, what makes this concert particularly notable are the infamous tales of backstage debauchery and bizarre rumours both artists bring with them.

Full Article HERE... Kinda funny.  BUT.. Lot's of untruths. Obviously not to be taken seriously..

One line that made me laugh:

"Nicks once passed out under a pile of her own shawls and wasn’t found for three days".


Anonymous said...

Not that funny though, same long since outdated image of Stevie as a space cadet.

You should post the AOL Gwyneth Paltrow comaprison of Landslide that they had up yesterday. When compared to the Dixie Chicks version (which Gwynie's is a rip off from), the Smashing Pumpkins version and the original Fleetwood Mac one, of couse all the respones prefered the original. And a lot of the comments talked about how none have sung the song with anywhere near the emotion that Stevie does.

Anonymous said...

What the writer of this article fails to realize is that the era of rock legends is dying and the longevity of good bands is dying off to the flavor of the month types who can sell out an arena one night and barely pay the rent the next. These two rock legends deserve a lot more respect than the absolutely stupid jokes made about them. Sure they weren't perfect, but at least they lived to tell the tale and are still able to make good music. Stevie writes her own tunes and doesn't need some hit maker to write them for her, and both can really sing without pre-recorded vocals and smoothing over in the studio. Considering their ages and their longevity and widespread appeal, they've done well. Save your hot air for wasted words about Britney Spears, Justin Bieber and whoever is banging on your garbage can in your garage making "music."

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